E2M Eagle’s Eye – 09 May 2014

How was your week? Are you ready for a quick exploration of the latest in PPC, online advertising, conversions and marketing tools? The E2M Eagle has landed and he’s brought back enough food for thought to keep you munching over the weekend. Read on!   SMS – the eCommerce Marketers ‘Secret’ Weapon http://www.evosite.co.uk/blog/sms-the-ecommerce-marketers-secret-weapon While relentlessly … Continue reading “E2M Eagle’s Eye – 09 May 2014”

Stop Link Building and Start Content Marketing (for Real)

Link building is dead! Just kidding. But here’s the honest truth. Google does not like link builders, and it never has. Since time immemorial, Google’s guidelines have warned us that you should use any SEO strategy unless it would actually make sense in the absence of Google. Put simply, Google wants you to pretend they … Continue reading “Stop Link Building and Start Content Marketing (for Real)”

The Definitive Guide to Using Content Marketing for B2B

Have you ever considered your brand too boring for content and social media marketing? Have you ever wanted to adopt content marketing tactics but instead convinced yourself that content marketing is for B2C brands, not for B2B companies? Well, you may have thought wrong. Content marketing may have become a mainstream tactic for B2C businesses … Continue reading “The Definitive Guide to Using Content Marketing for B2B”

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