Google’s Biggest Search Algorithm Updates Of 2017

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2017 Google Search Algorithm Updates

So here’s our 2017 infographic outlining the key changes – acknowledged and unacknowledged – to the Google search algorithm.

Over the past few years, Google has done a fantastic job in countering spam by understanding content better, devaluing low quality link sources and penalizing sites that overdo ads. Our only gripe is that they’ve totally zipped up their lips when it comes to confirming any algo changes that affect impressions or clicks, and fall back on the “We make a number of updates any given week” routine.

Despite that, here’s a list of Google’s biggest updates this year, confirmed and analyzed to varying degrees by the most experienced watchers of the SEO industry. You might see variations in the dates if you’ve been hit, as most changes are implemented through “rolling” updates.

2017 Google Search Algorithm Updates Infographic

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