5 Must-Know Shopify Updates to Enhance Your E-commerce Store

16 minutes read

If you’re running an e-commerce website using Shopify, it’s essential to keep up with the latest Shopify updates to stay ahead of the competition. In 2023, the number of Shopify stores has surpassed 6.3 million, spanning 175 countries worldwide. Notably, Shopify has established its dominance in the U.S. e-commerce market, holding a significant 19.8% market

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How to Build a Multilingual Shopify Store: Step-by-Step Guide

8 minutes read

As the world becomes more interconnected and globalized, expanding your business to reach customers from different regions and language backgrounds is essential. In the world of e-commerce today, it’s smart to build a multilingual Shopify store to reach more people and make more sales. Shopify facilitates e-commerce business owners to create a multilingual store. This

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A Comprehensive Guide to Headless Shopify: Everything You Need to Know

21 minutes read

One of the top five leading eCommerce platforms, Shopify had a market share of 3.69% as of April 2021. It is one of those platforms that have consistently rolled out new features. That’s what made Shopify so popular in the first place. But the eCommerce universe has become more dynamic than ever. Customers are becoming increasingly tech-savvy, the

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