Years of Experiance

Years of

Servers on Maintenance

Servers on

IT Experts on Team

IT Experts
on Team

Average Reduction of IT Issues

Average Reduction
of IT Issues

Cloud Solution Services

Cloud Implementation

Cloud Implementation

  • Navigate complex cloud infrastructure with expert guidance
  • Identify your ideal cloud provider
  • Ensure secure migration with uninterrupted business operations
  • Get expert support across Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, iCloud, and Google platforms
Cloud Migration & Hosting

Cloud Migration & Hosting

  • Ensure a seamless transition to new cloud infrastructure
  • Get smooth migration for any size or complexity
  • Secure relocation of your company data, applications, and infrastructure elements
  • Say yes to a snag-free cloud migration and hosting process
Impenetrable Cloud Security

Impenetrable Cloud Security

  • Fortify your cloud infrastructure with advanced security measures
  • Implement robust controls to safeguard your data and applications
  • Proactively identify and respond to potential cyber security risks
  • Get a reliable defense system to safeguard your cloud environment
Reliable Offsite Backup & Data Storage

Reliable Offsite Backup & Data Storage

  • Get reliable offsite backup for your critical business data
  • Execute secure data storage solutions
  • Get dependable backup services
  • Safeguard your valuable data offsite for swift recovery
  • Maintain the integrity and accessibility of your data with our storage options

Our IT Services for Your Agency

Domain And DNS Services

Domain and DNS Services

  • Domain Management

  • Domain Transfer

  • DNS Management

  • DNS Migrations

Server and Hosting Services

Server and Hosting Services

  • Server Management

  • Server Migrations

  • Server Security

  • Email Service Management

  • Email Service Migrations

  • Hosting Service Management

  • Hosting Service Migrations

  • WHM/cPanel Management

  • WHM/cPanel Migration

Cloud Services

Cloud Services

  • Cloud Server Security

  • AWS/Azure/GCP Management

  • PCI Compliance

Website Services

Website Services

  • Website migrations (WordPress, PHP Core, Laravel)

  • Website security updates

OS and Monitoring Services

OS and Monitoring Services

  • OS Support and Maintenance

  • Monitoring Solutions

  • Backup Management

Advanced Services

Advanced Services

  • Bash Scripting and Automation

  • Server Performance Optimization

  • Container Orchestration

  • Infrastructure as Code (Terraform)

  • Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD)

  • Troubleshooting and Debugging

  • Performance Testing and Capacity Planning

  • High Availability and Failover Setup


Why Choose Us for IT Server Support
& Maintenance?

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Comprehensive Protection against data loss, cyber threats, and downtime.

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Cost-efficient Strategies to optimize resources and reduce expenses.

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Tailored Solutions crafted by certified experts with proven expertise.

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Continuous Support for evolving technological needs.

Key Features of Our Server Administration Services

Keep your critical business processes working around the clock with our continuous, well-planned
server administration services. Our experts ensure:

24/7 monitoring
On-time troubleshooting
On-time troubleshooting
Efficient server maintenance
Efficient server maintenance
Uninterrupted business operations
Uninterrupted business operations
Customized server configurations
Customized server configurations
Regular security updates and patches
Regular security updates and patches
Extensive performance optimization
Extensive performance optimization
Robust data backup and recovery solutions
Robust data backup and recovery solutions
HIPAA & PCI compliance
HIPAA & PCI compliance

White Label

If you’re a digital agency OR a hosting company, we can help you scale your business with our white label partner program. Learn more about our white label services.

Got Questions? FAQs

1. How skilled are your server team members?

Our certified team has 11+ years of experience, specializing in AWS, Microsoft Azure, and the latest technologies.

2. How do you help in server management?

We skillfully use WHM, Plesk, and various other management tools.

3. Do you work on Dockers?

Yes, we know Docker well.

4. What is average acknowledgement time?

We do acknowledge your queries between 10AM and 7PM IST. However, our teams are flexible to adjust a bit to give our days some overlap.

5. Do you provide hosting services?

No, we exclusively offer hosting management services.

6. Will you update my website plugins?

Yes, we do update the plugins regularly.

7. Will unused hours of my plan be carried forward?

No, unused hours won’t be carried forward.

8. Will you be available if my website goes down?

Absolutely, we’re here to assist.

9. What type of remote team communication tools do you use?

We use Termius to securely share the SSH within the internal team.

10. What's your experience in complex server situations?

Our team has over 11+ years of expertise in handling intricate server situations.

11. Can you assist with email migration?

Yes, we specialize in migrating emails across platforms like Microsoft Office 365 and Google. We can migrate any IMAP or POP3 server to Google or Microsoft.

12. How do you handle server downtime and minimize its impact on users?

Our team is very experienced in server migration. First, we run a test migration using a temporary domain. If it warrants downtime, we conduct the migration at midnight (your time) or when the server faces minimal traffic.

13. How do you ensure compliance with industry standards?

We employ verified methods aligned with project scopes.

14. How do you ensure server security?

We use 1Password with 2FA to share login details with our internal team. However, we always audit access logs with the 1Password tool.

15. What is your service-level agreement (SLA) in terms of uptime and response times?

We promise a 99.99% uptime. Plus, we quickly respond (within 2-4 hours) if your website goes down on our time.

16. What backup solutions do you offer for data protection?

We provide various backup solutions depending on server types and preferences, including AWS S3 and Dropbox.

17. Can you assist with server migration from my current hosting provider?

Yes, we ensure smooth migration with minimal downtime.

18. Do you provide extra security measures like firewalls or DDoS protection?

Absolutely, we configure firewalls, DDoS protection, and are well-versed in AWS WAF, Sucuri, and CloudFlare.

19. Are you familiar with DNS management?

Yes, we’re well-versed in various DNS management tools such as Cloudflare, AWS, Godaddy, etc.

20. Do you help me transfer domains to another domain registrar?

Certainly, connect with our experts to explore domain transfer options.

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