E2M Eagle’s Eye – 14 Mar 2014

SMX West has just concluded after 60 marathon sessions on SEO, social, mobile and almost everything the Eagle likes. Meanwhile, it was business as usual elsewhere on the web and here’s your weekly market ticker…   Premium Video Ads on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/business/news/Premium-Video-Ads-on-Facebook Taking a leaf out of Instagram videos, Facebook will now show 15-second long, … Continue reading “E2M Eagle’s Eye – 14 Mar 2014”

5 Unexpected Link Prospecting Tools, and How to Use Them

It seems that many SEOs have taken to believing that link building is synonymous with guest posting. We’ve already busted the fear that guest posting violates Google’s guidelines, but the fact remains that most SEOs use it as a crutch. If we can’t persuade influencers to link to our content without offering a guest post … Continue reading “5 Unexpected Link Prospecting Tools, and How to Use Them”

4 SEO Lessons, As Taught by Big Brand Penalties

When Google penalizes a big brand, SEOs had better pay attention. The fact of the matter is that Google does not like to penalize big brands. The search engine looks foolish when popular brands don’t show up in the search results, and users can become frustrated with the experience. When Google penalizes a big brand, … Continue reading “4 SEO Lessons, As Taught by Big Brand Penalties”

E2M Eagle’s Eye – 07 Mar 2014

Hey peeps, Flight Eagle has landed and the cargo includes the latest on ecommerce site optimization, social media, outreach and wise words from Google. We’ve also carried over the Cutts-bashing from last week. Go check out the spoils!   How to Avoid Unscrupulous Web Design and SEO Service Providers http://www.internetmarketingninjas.com/blog/tips-and-tricks/avoid-unscrupulous-web-design-seo-service-providers/ Nope, this isn’t another rant. … Continue reading “E2M Eagle’s Eye – 07 Mar 2014”

E2M Eagle’s Eye – 28 Feb 2014

It’s Friday and the Eagle has landed again. And this week, he’s picked Matt Cutts as his primary object of interest. Of course, there are the usual bits and pieces of link building, PPC, penalty and content marketing!   The outdated way Google sees images http://www.seoish.com/the-outdated-way-google-sees-images/ Google does not index base64 images; however, you should … Continue reading “E2M Eagle’s Eye – 28 Feb 2014”

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