E2M is shorthand for
ETHICAL E-Marketing

The internet marketing industry is ripe with activities we consider unethical:

  • Violations of people’s privacy
  • Buying email lists from people who never agreed to receive messages from you
  • Link-spamming to manipulate search results
  • Fake product reviews
  • Fake "Likes" on Facebook, and other fake "social" activity
  • Paid advertisements disguised as content
  • Worst of all: agencies that do these things without even telling their clients

Fantastic 4s

We have chosen to differentiate ourselves, not just by avoiding activities we consider unethical, but by embracing marketing strategies that we feel have positive ethical foundations:

Trusted - Fantastic 4s
Becoming trusted authoritative
sources of information
Loyalty - Fantastic 4s
Creating customers who are loyal not
just because your products are great,
but because they share your values
Excited - Fantastic 4s
Building audiences who are excited to
see what you do next
Value - Fantastic 4s
Expanding your reach by providing
actual value to human beings