E2M Eagle’s Eye – 21 Feb 2014

Howdy, Eagle watchers! Here’s your Friday dose of knowledge and fun. This week, we have a splattering of keyword research, pointers from Google, and of course an-ask-me anything. Dive right in.   Negative SEO: still taboo or becoming an accepted practice? http://econsultancy.com/blog/64368-negative-seo-still-taboo-or-becoming-an-accepted-practice Chris Bishop, director of 7thingsmedia, takes a look at how negative SEO is … Continue reading “E2M Eagle’s Eye – 21 Feb 2014”

5 Free Tools to Optimize Your Social Media Marketing

Are you looking for no nonsense social media tools to enhance your digital marketing potential? Would you like to become more productive to free up time for other business activities? You’re not alone. The rise of assistive technology in social marketing has boomed since social media itself became a mainstream channel for marketers. When businesses … Continue reading “5 Free Tools to Optimize Your Social Media Marketing”

Running a Successful Link Building Campaign in 2014

It’s been nearly two years since Google introduced Penguin. Nothing of that magnitude has been released since, and some are speculating that 2014 will bring with it the next major link penalty algorithm. Either way, Google has been continuously refining its techniques, and many link building tactics have tied off for all but the most … Continue reading “Running a Successful Link Building Campaign in 2014”

E2M Eagle’s Eye – 14 Feb 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day to all marketers worldwide! The Eagle is thrilled to spread his love of content, free tools, blogging, coding and optimization of all things digital today. He also hopes your love for promotion and promotion of love will never end!   Google Webmaster Guidelines Adds Not To Block Google Ads With Robots.txt http://www.seroundtable.com/google-guidelines-ads-blocking-18105.html … Continue reading “E2M Eagle’s Eye – 14 Feb 2014”

Ignoring Google+ Is Ignoring Online Marketing: Time for Marketers to Take Advantage

Google+, just one of Google’s many online properties, is one of the most hotly debated social platforms to date. Referred to by Google as a “social layer,” Google+ has become an ancillary, but also cornerstone, piece to Google’s online search dominance. It’s more than a pure social network. Google—whether they intended to or not—has created … Continue reading “Ignoring Google+ Is Ignoring Online Marketing: Time for Marketers to Take Advantage”

7 Link Building Strategies to Use this Year

To beat the competition you need to outsmart it. That means earning the links that they simply can’t copy. I’m talking about natural links, links from sites that don’t accept guest posts, and links that traditional outreach simply can’t earn. Here are some strategies you might not have used before. 1. Hire an Established Blogger … Continue reading “7 Link Building Strategies to Use this Year”

E2M Eagle’s Eye – 07 Feb 2014

Hey peeps! How was your week? If you’ve gotten over the initial shock and fright at Matt Cutts’ guest blogging threat – erm, warning – then here’s the Eagle with more penalty news and reasons to be scared. Looks like Halloween all over again!   Halifax Bank Google SEO Penalty http://webmarketingschool.com/halifax-bank-seo-penalty/ Martin MacDonald digs into … Continue reading “E2M Eagle’s Eye – 07 Feb 2014”

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