E2M Eagle’s Eye – 27 Dec 2013

Happy Holidays! 2013’s last “Flight of the Eagle” has got us some in-depth analysis and experts’ views on the state and future of online marketing as we know it. If you’re ready to ring in the new, here’s your bell.   2013 a Great Year for Twitter Users, Advertisers & Investors http://www.clickz.com/clickz/news/2320539/2013-a-great-year-for-twitter-users-advertisers-investors Twitter finally came … Continue reading “E2M Eagle’s Eye – 27 Dec 2013”

E2M Solutions Wishes You A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

Christmas brings memories and kindest thoughts untold Of friends we may not often see, but hope to always hold. So may this greeting be a link in prosperity’s precious chain That we build together in 2014, when we shall meet again!   From all of us at E2M Solutions, here’s wishing you Happy Holidays and … Continue reading “E2M Solutions Wishes You A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year”

E2M Eagle’s Eye – 20 Dec 2013

Hi again! E2M Eagle has finished his holiday shopping and is back with new tidbits of interesting developments in technical SEO, ad targeting and analytics. This week we’re featuring more articles from the big blogs – they’ve been living up to their names! No best-of-2013 posts here though… let’s give it another week.   Analytics: … Continue reading “E2M Eagle’s Eye – 20 Dec 2013”

8 Things to Watch Out for in 2014, How SEO is Changing

Google has dramatically transformed the SEO landscape over the past several years. With updates like Panda, Penguin, the exact match domain update, link devaluation, the unnatural link penalty, and now Hummingbird, SEO has changed forever. As Google continues to introduce more ranking signals like behavioral data analysis, machine learning-based content analysis, and who knows what … Continue reading “8 Things to Watch Out for in 2014, How SEO is Changing”

Beauty and the Beast: A Quick Why & How of Content Creation for Marketers

Not another lecture extoling the virtues of useful, interesting, shareable content, you scream! Nope. Take it easy. I’m only trying to help here. Call it good or call it evil, thanks to the composition of search engines’ algorithms and hitherto-overused questionable marketing techniques, content creation is now an inseparable part of your digital marketing strategy. … Continue reading “Beauty and the Beast: A Quick Why & How of Content Creation for Marketers”

A Comprehensive Guide to Working with Influential Bloggers

As content marketing climbs to the top of the “what works” ladder for any and every brand, the need to acquire high quality content surrounding one’s brand is crucial. Not only the need for content from a brand itself, but about brands from an outside source. This is where the need for influential bloggers is … Continue reading “A Comprehensive Guide to Working with Influential Bloggers”

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