Debunking Myths and Misconceptions Around White-Label Digital Services

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Debunking Myths Of White Label Services

You may have heard various things about white-label digital services, but not all are true.

As an agency owner, you need the straight scoop—what works, what doesn’t, and how these services can truly benefit your business. We’re here to sort out the facts from the fiction.

​​We’re talking real talk about white-label services—no fluff, just the truths you need to run your business better.

Ready to find out the truth?

Let’s clear up some common myths about white-label digital services.

Myth 1: Lack of Quality Control

The myth that white-label digital services lack quality isn’t simply true. In reality, white-label agencies often maintain exceptionally high-quality standards. That’s the very basis of this business model.

White-label partners are experts in their fields. They have varied work experience. Secondly, they often use a multi-tier review system to cross-check their work. They can implement the quality control measures you need. It reduces the risk of errors and boosts overall workflow.

At E2M, quality is what we’re all about. Our dedicated QA team offers the highest quality standards, so you get the bug-free results you and your clients are looking for.

Myth 2: White label Means No Brand Identity

Agencies, big or small, need to maintain their brand identity. However, thinking that white-label digital services will weaken your brand identity is baseless. If anything, they will align with your priorities to boost your brand identity.

Reputed white-label agencies like E2M design their services to blend with and enhance your brand identity, not to overshadow it. They customize workflows and quality to match your brand voice. When you present their work as your own, it does nothing but strengthen your brand identity.

Myth 3: White-label Services Are Only for Large Agencies

White-label services are often seen as a luxury only larger agencies can afford, but that’s just a myth. In reality, they’re a game-changer for agencies of all sizes.

According to Enterprise Apps Today, 34% of small businesses outsource digital marketing, while 29% outsource development-related work.

White-label services are especially beneficial for small or mid-sized agencies. They allow you to offer a wider range of services without the overhead of hiring more staff or investing in new technologies.

This means you can stay agile, adapt to market changes quickly, and offer services that stand toe-to-toe with those of larger competitors.

White-label services let you expand your offerings, boost your expertise, and grow your business, all while keeping operations lean and efficient. It’s a smart way to scale, no matter your agency’s size.

Myth 4: White-label Services Are Expensive

White-label solutions are not cost-prohibitive. They can provide high-quality services at a fraction of the cost and a better return on investment (ROI).

Let’s do a little bit of math to understand how.

Let’s say you want to offer SEO services. According to Glassdoor, a leading online recruiter, the estimated annual pay for an SEO Specialist is $66,869.

On the other hand, a trusted white-label SEO partner like E2M lets you hire SEO experts starting at $699/month, which comes down to $7130 a year. That’s nearly one-ninth of what you will pay one SEO expert. Even if you choose our advanced plan, you would still shell out $36,710 yearly. That’s almost half of what you will pay one in-house SEO expert.

But that’s not all!

You hire a team of SEO experts who can provide 360-degree white-label SEO solutions. Plus, there is no retainer, no minimum, or no contract. You also don’t need to invest in office infrastructure or pay for utilities. It’s a fixed-cost monthly plan. You can renew it like your Netflix account.

Myth 5: It’s Difficult to Find a Reliable White-Label Partner

It’s a common misconception that finding a reliable white-label partner is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

If you know what to look for in a white-label partner, you can find them quickly and efficiently.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind.

  • Research: Take your time researching the potential options. Comb through reviews, case studies, and testimonials. Investing more time in research helps you find a better match.
  • Experience: Look for a white-label partner with a solid track record. And yes, experience in your specific niche is a huge plus.
  • Check for Compatibility: The next quality to look for is compatibility. Their services should align with your brand values. So, set your expectations clearly and understand how the partner can handle them.
  • Communication: A reliable partner should be easy to communicate with. Talk to the potential partners about how they communicate, what project management tools they use, and how frequently they report, among other things.
  • Scalability: The end goal of white-label digital services is to help your agency scale. So, the big ask is – can your potential partner scale their services as your agency grows? Looking at their track record can help answer this question.
  • Try It: Start with a trial. At E2M, we have a fixed monthly plan for white-label digital services, starting at just $699. It’s a great starting point for agency owners and solopreneurs, especially if you are white-labeling for the first time.

Myth 6: White-Label Services Limit Creativity

When it comes to creativity, white-label digital services offer a dual benefit. First, a white-label partner provides more than just run-of-the-mill solutions.

They are a part of the digital industry, which thrives on creativity and innovation. So, whether website design or content creation, they will stay at the forefront of creativity.

Secondly, white labeling frees up your time and resources. That means you can focus on more creative aspects of your work, such as creating marketing strategies and personalizing customer experience.

White labeling offers different ways to scale your business. It’s up to you to make the most out of it.

Myth 7: White-Label Services Lack Expertise

This is yet another baseless assumption. Many white-label partners specialize in one or more niches. They have teams of experts from all walks of the digital industry, including website design and development, content creation, and search engine optimization.

Moreover, white-label partners stay on top of the latest industry trends and technology. They invest time and effort in continuous learning and upgrading their skills. They possess in-depth knowledge and skills honed over the years.

It’s unlikely for an agency owner or solopreneur to find such diverse expertise under one roof, that too, at a fraction of the cost and with zero hassle.

Myth 8: White-Label Services Lack Accountability

Contrary to popular belief, accountability is at the heart of white-label digital services. White-label services thrive on building long-term partnerships, which isn’t possible with zero accountability. That’s the reason white-label partners use different ways to ensure accountability.

  • Service Agreements: White-label partners typically have detailed service agreements. These agreements outline deliverables, timelines, and quality standards. This helps set tangible expectations right from the start.
  • Regular Communication: Proactive communication is the lifeline of white-label digital services. It includes progress updates, addressing concerns, and changing project scope.
  • Performance Metrics and Reporting: Performance metrics help track the quality and success of their services. These metrics will change depending on the services. For example, they will share regular website health reports for SEO services. This includes keyword analysis, web traffic, search engine rankings, conversions, etc.
  • Dedicated Support: Many white-label services come with dedicated support teams. At E2M, we provide a dedicated project manager for each client. This keeps the communication going and ensures smooth service delivery.

But most importantly, white-label partners are open to feedback. They know that regular feedback helps improve work quality and productivity.

Myth 9: White-Label Services Are Not Flexible

It’s a myth that white-label services are set in stone. The truth is, they’re as flexible as you need them to be.

You call the shots, tailoring services to fit your agency’s and clients’ unique needs.

Whether it’s scaling up for a big project or dialing down when things are quiet, white-label services move with your business’s rhythm.

At E2M, we act as a “plug-and-play partner”, you can pause, upgrade, and renew as per your needs.

So, forget the one-size-fits-all approach; with white-label, you get services that adapt to you.

Myth 10: Limited Customization in White-Label Services

Just like flexibility, white-label digital services offer excellent customization. The white-label partner can customize their services to meet your branding, workflow, and business goals. It’s like getting a tailor-made suit that perfectly fits you.

Moreover, this level of customization opens up opportunities for you to explore new niches and expand your service offerings.

Whether you’re a specialized agency looking to diversify your portfolio or a growing business aiming to meet evolving client demands, white-label services help you to adapt and thrive in a competitive market landscape.

In short, white-label digital services are far from being restrictive.

Myth 11: Transparency and Privacy Issues

Privacy is a rising concern worldwide, and white-label partners understand this. They often uphold strict privacy standards, ensuring your clients’ information remains confidential and secure.

One of the most common practices to uphold transparency and privacy is signing Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs). Many agencies, including E2M, are happy to sign NDAs. These agreements legally bind your white-label partner to keep all the client information confidential. This protects your agency from potential lawsuits related to client data.

Many white-label agencies are also transparent about their work. For example, at E2M, we remain invisible to your clients. We don’t leave a trace in our code or any other work. It’s a true white-label experience.


White-label digital services offer more than meets the eye. By addressing and dispelling common misconceptions, it’s clear that these services offer quality, expertise, and flexibility.

Whether you’re a small agency or a solo entrepreneur, white-labeling can help you expand your offerings, enhance your brand identity, and grow your business efficiently.

Are you ready to start your white-label experience? Look no further than E2M. We are a white-label agency with 11+ years of experience and trusted by 250+ agencies. Contact us to get started today!

  • Manish Dudharejia is the founder and president of E2M - a full-service white label digital agency. E2M helps agencies scale their business by solving bandwidth/capacity problems when it comes to websites design, web development, eCommerce, SEO, and content writing. E2M has been helping agencies for 10 years and currently works with about 130 agencies across the U.S., Canada, UK, Ireland, and Australia.