The Indians’ love for precious gold jewelry is well-known. However, the online Indian-American jewelry market is highly competitive, even though it is still in its infancy. As Aurus wants to target the Indian-American customer base in the USA, we faced a few unique challenges before determining the content marketing strategy.


  • First, considering the target audience and the niche, we had to come up with a trending or evergreen topic that could be updated every year. Moreover, we had to ensure the web traffic would not be affected after a year of publishing the original content.
  • Second, we targeted the broad keyword “Indian Jewelry” and needed to get it ranked for the target audience based in the USA.
  • Third, we needed to create long-form content that would resonate with the Indian-American lifestyle of the target audience.


To overcome these challenges, our content marketing team wanted to brainstorm with Aurus’s marketing team. The meeting led to an in-depth discussion on Indian jewelry to understand the niche completely. This meeting proved to be instrumental in conducting our own research in this regard.

After the meeting, we carried out our own research to better understand the lifestyle and behaviors of Indians residing in the USA – in comparison with Indians living in India. Understanding the target audience and their behavior towards Indian Jewelry was the first step towards formulating the content strategy.

We used various tools, such as Google Analytics and Ahrefs, to identify and study the trending content in the Indian Jewelry niche driving a healthy amount of traffic from the US as well as India. This detailed research gave us a good impression of the audience behavior, flow of the content, queries of the target audience, year-long trends that target audience likes, and bloggers who use the content as a resource, as well as for traffic.

Based on our research, we narrowed down our ideas and prepared the outline of the content. Once we understood the audience behavior, content structure, and common queries within the niche, the next step was keyword research.

Apart from several SEO tools, there was a lot of manual research involved in finalizing the suitable terms for our keyword strategy. As a result, we ended up with a few niche keywords that had a sufficient search volume in the US. However, we settled on broad keywords that were more relevant and had high search volumes – as we could naturally optimize them into the content.

We prepared a complete draft of the content based on our keyword research and the information of the niche and target audience behavior. Care was taken to maintain the flow to ensure a stellar user experience while reading the content. Further, to make it more interactive, we added graphics and images – created with the help of our design team. Throughout the process, our team and the client continually reviewed the content to make sure the final draft turned out as desired.


Here are some of the figures to look out for

The following result has been taken 106 days after the content was published and without any promotion or link building done for it.

Tool Used – ahrefs

Aurus Jewels - Case Study

Total number of organic page views – 2,241 (increasing with time) with average time on page – 4 minutes and 10 seconds.

Tool Used – Google Analytics

Aurus Jewels - Case Study

Received high traffic from Mobile Users.

Tool Used – Google Analytics

Aurus Jewels - Case Study -Tool Used – ahrefs

Ranking on some of the top targeted keywords in USA.

Tool Used – Uber Suggest

Aurus Jewels - Case Study - top targeted keywords - Tool Used – Uber Suggest