ChallengesThe Challenge

  • Nerds Candy wanted to have a colorful website, which was in keeping with their brand image.
  • The design provided by them looked more like graphics. Its dimensions wouldn’t adjust with the changing resolution, which made the website look outdated, untrustworthy, and unprofessional.
  • Nerds wanted the design elements to match the screen resolution in terms of size (different types of shapes, and on resolutions starting from 1024 to over 3600) regardless of whether the user was zooming in or out of the page.
  • The biggest challenge was to devolve the site so it looks perfect and professional in all resolutions. Usually, this isn’t a problem, but the existing design of the Nerds website made it a challenge.
  • The client was interested in a mobile-first design to make mobile experience better for customers.
  • Further, the client was looking to sell products online but did not host the store.


To address the client’s issues, we first designed a website for the client. This was done in keeping with their specifications.

We used the EM (CSS) feature that works based on the viewport of the browser. It makes the design scalable (like resizing an image) in any resolution. After its implementation, Nerds’ design auto-adjusted to any resolution.

We developed a custom WordPress website for Nerds so the client can easily edit the website using its backend functionality.

To meet the client’s expectation of a developing a mobile-first website, we used Media Query (CSS). This was done with the objective of enabling the best mobile view.

Because the client wanted to sell online, we implemented a third-party tool called Destini, which securely redirects users to a particular webstore (like Amazon and Walmart) to purchase their candy.

We made this happen by implementing the scrip from Destini on the client’s site so buyers can purchase candy from webstores by simply clicking on the Buy Now button.


The Nerds website is currently live and functioning well. The website displays images featuring their various products along with a few CTAs. Our hard work on the website’s design and mobile-first development has been much appreciated by client. Much like the brand, the website looks interesting, colorful and appealing, while allowing easy navigation and beautiful user experience. The client’s customers can now buy a variety of their offerings through their website with just a click of a button.