ChallengesThe Challenge

  • The client wanted us to create a vector-based banner, which matched with the business’s logo. They wanted an impactful and memorable banner that reflected their brand and could easily be associated with their website.
  • Due to the location of the business, the client wanted to make the website design reflect and remind visitors of the sea/beach with the help of vector graphics.
  • Their specific requirement was to add contact forms and calls-to-action on the website so users can contact them easily and quickly.
  • Most users use their smartphones to book transportation services, which is why the client wanted us to create a mobile-friendly website that would perform flawlessly across devices.
  • The client was also looking for user-friendly backend functionalities so they can add, edit, and update the content easily in the future without the need of a developer.


To fulfill the client’s requirement, we designed a few vector graphics and used them in the website design.

We developed a custom WordPress theme, which was extremely user-friendly.

As different devices come with different screen resolutions, we made sure to use a flexible website layout, which would work perfectly on any resolution.

We also tested the website performance across several devices and browsers for mobile-friendliness with the help of Google’s testing tool.

For the breakpoints, we used CSS media queries along with jQuery in some sections to make the website responsive.

We used ACF plugin to provide the client with user-friendly backend functionalities along with a backend edit guide so they can easily update the website’s content.


The new responsive website is live and gets a good number of inquiries. The new design represents the client’s brand and city. The website now has an effective call-to-action, which encourages users to contact the client through the website is