Nutcache was already one of the best invoicing tools available in the market. Most of their keywords were ranking in the top 10 positions on Google and Bing. It was, therefore, clear from the very beginning thatthey expected us to top this feat.

Nutcache’s transformation from an invoicing tool into a full-fledged project management tool was done with the view to present it as an entirely new venture. They wanted E2M to create a dynamic pre-launch campaign along with the next two-quarters of the promotional plans.

Nutcache asked E2M to develop a content marketing plan, which would not only boost their organic keyword/traffic, but also create buzz in the market for their newly-launched project management tool and receive a few natural mentions from the leading industrypublications.

They wanted us to create innovative content to help them position their tool as a promising product. They also wanted us to reach out to and convince some of the industry leaders to review it.


E2M developed a detailed promotional strategy for Nutcache and performed the following tasks:

  • We started with ‘backlinks profile audit’and categorized the excellent, good, and bad links for them.
  • As they wanted to reposition their product, we prepared and distributed a press release before and after the launch of the new tool to create maximum awareness in the market.
  • We also conducted detailed keyword research for keywords like ‘Time management tools’ and ‘Project management and collaboration software’.
  • In keeping with the keyword research, we suggested that a couple of new pages be added to their website to increase organic visibility, and eventually boost traffic.
  • We convinced the leading industry experts/editors to review Nutcache and write a detailed review for them.
  • We planned content creation in different formats such as blog posts, infographics, reviews, etc., in accordance with our content marketing plan.
  • We planned to get Nutcache positioned as one of the emerging and promising project management tools in the market.
  • We designed the ‘Thought Leadership’ campaign and worked on getting their Director of Products listed as a contributing author on industry-specific (project management) websites, as well as other high-authority tech websites.


As per E2M’s content marketing plan, the following objectives were successfully achieved:

  • E2M ran the ‘Thought Leadership’ campaign under the brand of Nutcache’s Director of Products and got him spots as contributing author on some of the well-known industry-specific platforms such as,, and, to name a few.
  • E2M also got him contributing spots on other platforms like,,,,,, and so on.
  • E2M got Nutcache reviewed on sites like, Small Biz CRM, Top Results Coaching, and more.
  • E2M procured authoritative mentions from renowned sites like Entrepreneur Magazine, Small Biz Trends, Inc. Magazine, and, to name a few.
  • E2M’s efforts resulted in an 80% spike in referral traffic and improved the most relevant keywords positioning on Google.
  • E2M ran a blogger outreach campaign and got Nutcache mentioned as one of top project management tools on a variety of industry-specific websites.
  • E2M designed a very unique infographic, published it on the website, and distributed it on various digital spaces to acquire quality backlinks.
  • E2M defined an audience-specific blogging strategy and managed Nutcache’s blog by publishing posts at regular intervals.
  • E2M designed a social media plan to increase engagement on Facebook and Twitter, and executed it successfully, which helped them generate more visibility.
  • E2M got a video review for Nutcache by TechnologyAdvice, which is a leading software-review website (snapshot below).