What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is so much more than just a buzzword in today’s business world. It is a deep-rooted tactic for how brands make a name for themselves. The focus of content marketing is to create and distribute content that is highly valuable, actionable, and designed with a clear audience in mind. The end goal of content marketing is to prompt a customer response that is both focused and profitable.
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Why do you need Content Marketing?

The online world is evolving. As the number of channels continues to grow and diversify, the undying objective is to get the highest quality content in front of the most interested eyes.

Content marketing is an extremely layered tactic that involves many variables. It is a strategy that requires exceptional knowledge and coordination of SEO, design, data science, outreach, communication, and of course, creativity. Achieving an effective balance between these components is nearly impossible unless you have a synchronized team entirely devoted to content marketing.

The list of reasons why you need content marketing could likely go on forever. Here are some of the big ones:

Gets People Interested in
What You Offer.
Content marketing presents all kinds of opportunities to present your messaging in a creative and highly authentic way. Even the most boring product or service in the world can be captivating with the right content.
Impacts purchasing
Studies have found that consumers are 131% more likely to buy from a brand that produces highly educational and valuable content.
Producing and distributing value-adding content is the best way to establish credibility in your industry. As you build up a reputation as an expert in your field, the more likely it is that people will look to you to solve their problems.
Creates Brand
Content marketing is a fantastic way to highlight the qualities that make you unique. In time, these qualities will create a sense of brand recognition in terms of how people discover you on the web.
If there’s one thing the search engines love, it’s fresh, high-quality content. A smart content marketing strategy improves your authority on the web and helps you rank highly for relevant search queries.
Attracts the Most
Interested Buyers.
A content strategy should be designed to appeal to people throughout the buyer’s journey. The basic objectives are to seek out the interest, then slowly nurture it into dollar signs.

Why Work with E2M?

As a full service content marketing agency, this tactic has been a forte of E2M since the very beginning. Our creative and technical minds have a daily habit of studying the latest trends and developments in content marketing. This enables us to build out strategies using the most cutting edge tactics to bring you the highest ROI.

At E2M, our content marketing specialists craft and nurture your messaging as if it were our own baby.

Our in-house creative team is full of experts who know what it takes to build content that resonates with new, existing, and prospective customers. Every piece of content is subjected to a microscopic level of proofing and editing. As content marketing is a game of ‘quality over quantity,’ we make sure each snippet of content has a defined purpose, direction, and is aligned with your business values and goals.

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Our technical team is extensively trained in inbound marketing and big data analytics to manage your content with the upmost precision. In tight-knit coordination with the creative minds at E2M, our experts make sure your branded content is exposed to relevant audiences in the right place at the right time.

Our Content Marketing Strategy is based on…


A key component of content marketing development involves creating and maintaining relationships with top publications. Over the years, we have built an incredibly diverse network of publishers to which we can deliver value to brands, content outlets, and most importantly, your customers.

Business Blog Management

Your business blog is the home base of your content marketing strategy. Our creative team will work with you every step of the way to build a bank of native content that showcases your expertise to the fullest extent.


The purpose of infographics is to transform unappealing data into an engaging form of visual storytelling. E2M’s custom infographics can be written and designed to fit your exact needs while making it both educational and enticing to viewers. The final product can then be used throughout the entirety of your content marketing strategy.

Whitepapers & eBooks

Whitepapers and eBooks are staple formats in ‘middle-of-the-funnel’ content marketing. These assets are where you really get to showcase your expertise and carve out a spot at the top of the industry. We will dive head first into your field and learn everything we can before turning the insights into your high-value brand messaging.

Case Studies

There are many reasons why your brand should publish a case study. A well-crafted case study is something that leaves a lasting impression on customers, partners, and key players in your industry. Our team prides itself on being both inquisitive students, as well as relatable teachers. The creative and technical minds at E2M will work together to make sure your case study is as engaging as it is informative.

Digital PR

A robust digital PR strategy is not only good for reaching new customers, it’s essential for expanding your web presence and increasing revenue. E2M fully understands the constantly-changing landscape of digital PR and how to use it to get your story across. We’ll put your brand in front of massive, relevant audiences on digital media such as industry journals, magazines, blogs, video channels, podcasts, and social communities.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has proven year after year to produce the highest ROI across the scope of content marketing. It gives you complete control over your messaging and allows you to make direct contact with customers. We’ll help you remain on top of their minds by delivering contextual, relevant, and useful updates to their inbox.

Tools We Use

Here are some examples of our best content work:


SaaS and Technology
Travel & Hospitality
If you need an expert content marketing agency to get the job done right, E2M is your one-stop shop!

White Label

If you’re an agency, we can help you scale your agency business with our white label partner program. Learn more about our white label services.

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