Content marketing is about reaching and capturing an audience that is eager to see media that you produce, and that will keep coming back for more. Unfortunately, most self-appointed “content marketers” are really just search engine optimizers (SEOs) in disguise. While we do offer SEO services, and we do recognize how well it works together with content marketing, we recognize that these are not the same thing.

Our content marketing strategies are designed to do three things:

Put you in front of massive, relevant audiences on media platforms such as online magazines, blogs, video sites, podcasts, social networks, forums, and more.

Capture these audiences with email and secondary subscriptions so that audiences will voluntarily choose to receive updates that they love getting.

Warm up this audience and create demand, transforming your products from the subject of a sales pitch into an inelastic commodity that your audience will love to buy from you.

In short, our content marketing strategy helps our SEO, but it doesn’t rely on it.

Here is the essence of our process:

As results-driven marketers, we take care to measure the impact of our content marketing strategy on core business metrics, and use this information to adapt in innovative new directions.


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