The 2020 State of Guest Posting and How to Master It – with Mark Webster

Hello fellow marketers! Welcome back to The Marketing Microscope!

Due to the craziness of agency life, we haven’t had the chance to record an episode in a few months. Thankfully, I had a great opportunity to chat with Mark Webster from Authority Hacker about guest posting and what it’s all about in 2020.

We kicked off the show by discussing why guest posting has been such a go-to tactic for so long, the major changes over the years, and the most important things to keep in mind in 2020 and beyond.

The conversation shifts to the big challenges in guest posting, as well as the common mistakes we see time and time again. With a writing background, I’m obligated to get Mark’s take on the most important traits he looks for in writers and the best approaches to work with them.

As the first segment comes to a close, we discuss guest bios and, more importantly, the art of including links within body content.

After a brief intermission, we get into the nuts and bolts of setting up/executing a guest posting campaign.

Mark gives us some good insight on identifying target sites, the red flags to look for, and finding relevant niches. From here, we get into the core of guest post outreaching and creating pitches, how to get more responses, and what to do after the pitch gets accepted. Spoiler: involve the writer in the entire process!

As episode 18 winds down, we discuss the next steps after a guest post gets published, how to maintain relationships with editors, and ways to set yourself up for long term success. We close things out by chatting about the future outlook of guest posting – and Mark gives some expert parting advice for marketers and writers.

Here are some tools Mark recommended for guest posting:

Hunter.io – Finding contacts

Mailshake – Full-service guest posting software

Asana – PM software to keep the campaign organized.

Pitchbox – High end guest posting operational tool.

Is getting more links a priority in 2020?

If so, this episode is definitely worth checking out!

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