Writing Unbeatable Website Copy

  1. Ep 8 39:08

Hello faithful listeners!

We are excited to bring you the 8th episode of the Marketing Microscope. This installment is all about writing website copy – something that is much more difficult than many might assume!

My guest today hails from the United Kingdom. His name is Martin Sayers, long time copywriter with vast writing experience in all sorts of industries!

martinMartin owns and operates MSCopy, a copywriting firm that serves many high-level clients like Costco, G4S, the NHS, ActionCOACH, and many more. In the simplest of terms, Martin writes what makes money!

Writing website copy is its own beast in the creative world. It’s much different than, per se, writing blog posts or eBooks. When it comes to writing website copy, it’s all about conveying big concepts concisely in a way that quickly captivates visitors.  In this episode, Martin and I dive into the specifics of what this entails and how to do it with style!

Martin talks about the importance of creating a bulletproof brief that not only spells out what clients want but protects you, as a writer, from client indecisiveness.

One of the most key points of this episode revolves around finding the pain points. Martin discusses his approach to finding the root of industry problems, as well as working them into thought-provoking headlines.

He also talks about some of the common mistakes writers commit in this process, and some strategies for establishing expertise without going overboard.

After the intermission, Martin and I pick up by discussing some strategies for coordinating the copywriting process with graphic designers, SEO specialists, and of course, client expectations.

As we get further into the episode, I ask Martin about some ways to handle criticism, as well as some of the best ways less-experienced copywriters can present themselves. We wrap up the show by addressing a few of the big red flags indicating that some projects/partnerships are simply not meant to be! SPOILER: Vagueness in client feedback is a big one!

For both new and veteran copywriters, this episode with Martin Sayers has some great wisdom for everyone!

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