Writing Educational B2B Content that Sells

  1. Episode 5 E2M Solutions 1:00:25

Greetings listeners! Thanks for joining me for another information-packed episode of The Marketing Microscope! Episode five is all about B2B copywriting and how you can use it to make high-level sales. The guest today is Tom Varjan, an expert B2B copywriter with a strong technical background.

Tom founder of IT Profit RebootTom, a Hungary native who now lives in Vancouver, has had quite an interesting journey throughout his career. After fleeing communism, he earned a degree in engineering in the UK, then immigrated to Canada in the 1990’s. As Tom settled into his new home, he experienced a substantial career shift into technical B2B copywriting. With a strong background and in-depth understanding of IT systems, Tom founded IT Profit Reboot, a boutique consulting and copywriting firm helping businesses sell premium products and services to highly sophisticated client bases.

As most businesses and writers know, creating B2B content is quite different than B2C. Most importantly, in B2B, you are writing for several decision makers, as opposed to just one. With this in mind, creating strong B2B content is dependent on the ability to look at the big picture and remedy pain points across an organization.

With Tom’s expertise in both tech and writing, he lays out a strong game plan for building educational content for all parts of the B2B buyer’s journey. This plan involves a deep dive into the everyday problems and interests of those involved in a sale, which includes everyone from the CEO, to the COO, all the way to the grunts on the ground floor.

In this episode, Tom discusses the best tactics to use as he describes his proven 8-step plan for finding ways to appeal to each stakeholder in a B2B transaction.

Hopefully, you find this episode as interesting as I did and can use some of Tom’s expert approaches to improve your own B2B content!

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