What Defines an Exceptional Copywriter?

  1. Episode 4 40:39

Hello listeners! Welcome back to The Marketing Microscope! Our fourth episode dives right back into the copywriting niche and talks about what it takes to be successful. Our guest in this segment is Dave Marshall, a longtime copywriter, and consultant.

Dave Marshall

Dave is the Founder of Damala Copywriting, a professional copywriting and business writing firm providing services in the realm of web content, social media, blogging, SEO writing, sales letters, press releases, and much more. Dave has had years of experience working on a wide range of copywriting projects, as well as managing and coaching junior copywriters.

Copywriting is one of the most important aspects of marketing a business. As Dave puts it: “Copywriters are the ones who get people to open up their wallets. They are the ones who appeal to the emotions of the consumer.”

As many will agree, this position requires a very particular mind. A copywriter must be able to seamlessly switch gears between playing both a student and a teacher. This concept prompted us to choose the topic of What Defines an Exceptional Copywriter. In this segment, Dave and I dive into the specifics of what traits are needed to produce excellent work that appeals to a target market.

Given Dave’s versatile experience as both a copywriter and a consultant, he provides some excellent strategies for handling criticism, as well as dealing with even the most hardheaded juniors. Throughout the show, Dave discusses some of the major lessons he has learned throughout his career and how businesses can apply them to their own creative department.

On more of the consulting side, Dave talks about his experience in training copywriters and instilling values that put them on the path to success. He also discusses how these values have helped make Damala Copywriting the company it is today. This involves a dedication to building meaningful relationships, understanding the clients’ need and market, maintaining a perpetual mindset of curiosity, and much, much more.

I hope you get some good information out of this segment and can use it to improve your own copywriting practices

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