Welcome to the E2M Podcast

  1. Episode 0 2:42

We have talked about running a company podcast here at E2M for a while, and we’re very psyched to officially announce the launch of The Marketing Microscope!

Our goal with this podcast is to sit down with people from all across the business and marketing world to swap insight, discuss the latest industry news, give some actionable advice, and everything in between. Segments will run anywhere from 10 to 35 minutes, depending on the subject matter and how much we have to talk about. Topics will range across the entire scope of business and marketing including: content marketing, copywriting, SEO, social media, working with influencers, entrepreneurship, managing employees, working with clients, and much, much more.

Kevin SvecI am your host, Kevin Svec, Senior Copywriter and Chief Content Strategist at E2M.

I’m currently based in San Diego, California and have been writing professionally for about 5 years. I was drawn to this career because it allows me to pick up new knowledge and wisdom every single day. My primary motivation to run this podcast is to contribute to the vast pool of business insight and help others improve their own operation.

As of now, we will aim to release 1-2 installments of The Marketing Microscope each month and will ideally increase this number as time goes on. Ultimately, we hope you can learn a thing or two from our podcast and use this knowledge to improve your own practices.

In addition to the E2M website, we will be releasing The Marketing Microscope on iTunes, Soundcloud, and Stitcher! Hope you enjoy what we have in store!