Starting a Content Marketing Strategy from Scratch

  1. Episode 3 48:33

Welcome back to another episode of The Marketing Microscope! We have a very, very special guest joining me today, none other than E2M’s former Content Marketing Manager Rohan Ayyar! If you’ve had us do any sort of content marketing for you over the past several years, chances are Rohan had something to do with it!

Rohan Ayyar

Rohan spent five years leading our content marketing division and recently got a job at SEMrush as a Regional Marketing Manager. Rohan is responsible for overseeing SEMrush’s branding strategy for India. He has all sorts of experience in the world of digital marketing – both in an agency setting and in-house. Rohan is well-versed in data-focused strategies for SEO, PPC, social media, content marketing, and how they all fit together.

Throughout the better part of the last decade, content marketing has been an essential ingredient in brand building. The purpose is to convey to the world that you are an expert in the field, showcase how your product or service can solve people’s problems, and create a one-of-a-kind brand personality that people gravitate towards. Building a content marketing strategy from the ground up requires an incredibly versatile effort. There are many different factors involved in the research process, planning, execution, evaluation, and everything else in between.

In this segment, Rohan and I talk about the process for conducting research before any sort of plan is hatched. We then jump into the specifics of laying out the framework for a campaign and discuss some key tactics for selling your plan to the client.

We also chat about some strategies for giving your content a unique twist that adds something new, rather than contributes to the echo chamber. With years of experience managing content marketing campaigns and the people involved, Rohan provides some excellent insight on how to properly manage communication with all the key parties including the internal team, third-party publication managers, and of course, clients.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this segment and are left with some awesome takeaways to apply to your own content marketing strategy!

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