Podcast on the SERPs, Content Marketing, Voice, and E-A-T with Barry Schwartz

Hello Marketers! Thanks for taking time out of your day to check out the 12th installment of The Marketing Microscope Podcast! In this one, Manish, Taral, and myself welcome Barry Schwartz, editor on Search Engine Journal and operator of SEO Roundtable.

Barry SchwartzWe start the podcast by talking about podcasts themselves. Google has recently started displaying podcast files directly on the SERPs. We get Barry’s take on how podcasters can play by the rules and get their content ranked. For reference, check out Google’s Developer Guidelines for Podcasts.

After a brief touch on video SEO, we unpack Rand Fishkin’s findings that less than half of organic traffic results in clicks. Should this concern SEOs?

Barry gives us his take on the changing nature of link building, as well as some of the most important ranking factors to consider – beyond quality content and links. SPOILER: Google’s recommendations are not laws written in stone!

As we begin to wrap up the first segment of the show, Barry shares his insight on the effects of Featured Snippets and some of the big patterns we’ve seen in Google’s recent algorithmic updates.

To kick off segment two, Barry tells us how he personally stays updated in SEO.  The key is to just keep reading and staying up-to-date on the industry chatter!

Given that SEO is the focus of this podcast, we felt obligated to ask Barry about his take on E-A-T – and if it’s really as important as everyone thinks. He also gives us some good wisdom on how SEOs should use the Quality Rater Guidelines.

Moving on from E-A-T, we ask Barry about some of his favorite SEO tools and whether some tasks are better carried out manually. From here, Manish takes the ball as we dive into the concept of voice search. More specifically, why it hasn’t caught on like many SEOs envisioned a few years back….

We touch on how voice search has evolved, as well as which types of businesses should be investing heavily in it and how they should do it. Basically, it comes down to ranking for Featured Snippets!

As episode 12 comes to a close, we get Barry’s take on citations and why they are so important for ranking on the local SERPs.

Barry closes out the podcast by giving his humble advice to the search community, as well as budding SEOs and bloggers!

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