SEO 2019: Content, Data, and Algorithms with Dr. Pete Meyers

  1. Episode 6 Modern SEO 1:14:51

Hello faithful listeners! Just in time for the New Year, we are absolutely thrilled to release the sixth installment of The Marketing Microscope. For all you SEO savvy marketers, you are surely familiar with our guest today joining us from Moz – none other than Marketing Scientist and keynote speaker, Dr. Pete Meyers!

Dr. Pete Meyers

Dr. Pete comes from a psychology background, earning a Ph.D. from my alma mater: The University of Iowa! Go Hawks! Since 2012, Pete has been working for MOZ on both the data science and marketing team. As no stranger to the online business world, Pete has made a name for himself publishing thought leadership content around technical SEO concepts and how businesses of all shapes and sizes can abide by Google’s fast-changing algorithms.

The landscape of SEO has seen its fair share of changes throughout the past year. Most notably, the August 1st algorithm update forced companies from all corners of the web to rework their SEO strategies and try to make sense of the changes.

Given that Dr. Pete lives and breathes on the front lines of SEO, he dives into the nitty-gritty details of how the search engines are changing, what it means, and how businesses can properly approach the SEO world post-August 1st update.

In part one, Manish, myself, and Dr. Pete talk about some of the major changes including the new guidelines surrounding E-A-T Score. (Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness). We touch on a few topics regarding how businesses can go about improving their E-A-T Score and some strategies for post-August 1st link building.

In part two, we talk about content creation and how to build it in a way that pleases Google’s fickle crawlers. Moreover, Pete discusses his take on why certain brands did so well after the update, and why some did not.

If you are in the process of planning your SEO strategy for 2019, hearing the insight from Dr. Pete in this installment is a MUST!

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