Google Tag Manager: The Inside Scoop with Julius Fedorovicius

Welcome back, marketers! Thanks for checking out the 21st Installment of the Marketing Microscope Podcast!

Joining me on the E2M side is Darshak Patel, SEO Analyst, and Taral Patel, SEO Manager. Our guest of honor in this one is Julius Fedorovicius, Google Tag Manager Expert and owner of Analytics Mania.

As you could probably guess, this episode is all about Google Tag Manager. The show kicks off like most other Marketing Microscope segments – we get to know Julius a little bit and his background in digital.

Darshak takes over host duties and gets Julius’s take on the low adoption rate of GTM across mobile and web platforms. We then discuss some of the top features of GTM that need to be on every digital marketer’s radar.

Julius provides some excellent insight on server site tagging – as well as the pros and cons attached. Right before we break for intermission, we get some awesome tidbits on the most important KPIs to track in GTM – and what they all mean.

After a quick intermission, we get right back into the thick of things by discussing the most common mistakes GTM users commit – Julius spares no details answering this question.

The conversation then shifts to Google Analytics 4 – the difference between Universal Analytics Event Model and the GA 4 Event Model. From here, we discuss how GA4 might be laying the framework for a cookie-less digital marketing world.

As the show comes to a close, Julius tells us a bit more about Analytics Mania – and some of the courses he offers on GTM.

Browse all Analytics Mania GTM classes.

For more insights from Julius, check out his YouTube channel!

If you use Google Tag Manager and/or have questions about Google Analytics 4, definitely check out this episode!

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