Getting to the Core of Brand SERP – with Jason Barnard

Hello marketers! Welcome to the 20th installment of the Marketing Microscope Podcast!

In this one, I’m joined by the one and only Taral Patel – longtime SEO Manager at E2M. We are welcoming Jason Barnard, known as “The Brand SERP Guy” in the marketing world.

Jason is a longtime marketing guru and the founder/CEO of Kalicube. Kalicube is a digital marketing agency that’s done wonders to revolutionize the concept of exact match brand SERPs.

Jason has built Kalicube Pro, a SaaS platform that helps brands and people optimize their Brand SERP and manage their knowledge panel

As you could probably guess, this episode is all about Brand SERPs.

We kick off the show by discussing Brand SERP as a whole: what your audience sees when people Google your brand name. We examine the perception that brand SERP, and whether it’s all about keywords – then we get into some of the biggest misconceptions that people have on the topic.

Jason gives us a few awesome strategies for how to track brand SERP – analyze the results, the telltale signs you’re in trouble, and how to measure the potential. We then get some excellent insight on how brand SERP and online reputation are tied together, how to prioritize channels, content, and set yourself up for success.

After a brief intermission, we get right back into it by discussing the Knowledge Graph Algorithm. We get Jason’s take on how it differs from the Google Core Algorithm – as well as the major shift we saw back in February of last year. At this point in the show, Taral takes the reins and we get to the root of the Knowledge Graph Algorithm and what it takes to appear in it. Jason gives us some excellent insight on how to do so without a Wikipedia page.

We shift gears in the show to address some real-life dilemmas many bigger brands face: negative sentiment. The three of us chat about what to do in this situation, what to prioritize, and how to take action before things spiral out of control.

As the show concludes, Jason tells us a few key tidbits on how to convince clients of the importance of a healthy brand – and how it’s achievable.

Are you looking to improve, fix or establish your brand SERP?

If so, check out the full episode with the Brand SERP Guy himself!

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