Finding Your Brand’s Voice and Tone

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Welcome back, listeners!

We are psyched to release our first Marketing Microscope episode of 2019! For all you creative minds out there, this one is about finding the perfect brand voice and toneMy guest in this segment is Aaron Wrixon, seasoned writer and brand specialist calling in from Canada.

Aaron WrixonAaron has been working in the creative world for more than two decades and has helped brands of all shapes and sizes define themselves throughout the digital era. In addition to offering distinguished content services through Wrixon.com, Aaron is an Instructor at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies, specializing in Copywriting that Sells.

Brand voice is a fascinating concept. While many companies offer similar products and services, the brand voice is what makes each of them unique in their own right. As Aaron puts it, a brand voice is “not just a reason to buy from you, but a reason to feel good about buying from you.”

Throughout this insight-packed episode, Aaron and I discuss the key elements that go into establishing a brand voice, revamping a brand voice, creating archetypes, and staying in tune with the rapidly-advancing digital universe – with plenty of popular examples along the way.

Aaron discusses a few of the major signs that it’s time to re-examine a brand voice, as well as how to get the ball rolling. Spoiler: customer engagement should be a guide in how you develop/refine your voice.

Towards the end of the show, we talk about how companies can ensure their brand voice doesn’t get muddled – both in the process of outsourcing or making sure in-house creatives are on the same page. Aaron uses the example of MailChimp and their public style guide.

Hopefully, you get some good insight in this episode from the creative mind of Aaron Wrixon!

For more information on the expertise and services Aaron offers, check out this episode’s follow up page here!

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