Filling in the Gaps of Content and SEO with Neil Patel

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Hello Marketing Microscope listeners!

We are stoked to bring you our 10th installment about content, SEO, and how to connect the dots in 2019 and beyond! Taral and I had the pleasure of welcoming one of the biggest names in digital: Neil Patel!

neilTo anyone in the marketing space, Neil needs no introduction. Many of his contributions have formed digital marketing as we know it today! Currently, Neil is the founder of his own agency, Neil Patel Digital. In addition, Neil recently launched two easy-to-use (and FREE) tools: Ubersuggest (for keyword research) and Backlinks (for link building).

We kick off the show discussing the specifics of “good content.” Neil and I talk about what exactly this ambiguous term means, what it doesn’t mean, and how to go about creating it to stand out.

Neil gives a good scoop on how small and medium-sized businesses can develop an SEO plan to generate results – both in the short term and the long term. Pro tip: go after the low-hanging fruit keywords!

Towards the end of segment one, Neil gives us some good advice on how to approach the task of content creation for a service provider, in comparison to a product provider. Neil then gives us a breakdown of how to track success in content marketing, along with a handful of tools to use.

We kick off segment two by asking Neil about some of the biggest factors that come into play for SEO in 2019. Spoiler: brand queries, brand queries, brand queries!

In this segment, Neil discusses some of his favorite channels for content and how he thinks they will progress in the future. Perhaps one of the most interesting points of the show was Neil’s take on video content and keyword usage. He found that his videos were more successful when he actually verbalizes the keywords within his videos, rather than just include them in the title, description, and tags!

Neil then gives some good advice to SEO agencies on how to manage client expectations. As the show comes to a close, Neil discusses his new backlinks resource, as well as some of the new tools he has in the works.

For parting words, Neil provides some wisdom to new content creators: “Don’t regurgitate the same information, if you can’t write something unique that’s not already out there, don’t waste your time writing it!

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