Digital Marketing, SEO, and an Entrepreneurship with Rand Fishkin

  1. Episode 9 59:59

Welcome back, Marketing Microscope listeners!

We have a full house on the podcast today. Joining me from E2M is Taral Patel, SEO Specialist, and Project Manager, as well as company Founder, Manish Dudharejia. Our guest today is one of the pioneers of digital marketing, none other than Rand Fishkin!

Rand FishkinAs you marketing experts surely know, Rand co-founded SEO software Moz, where he served as the CEO until 2014. In 2018, Rand founded SparkToro, an audience intelligence software helping people find the best ways to reach their target consumers. Rand is also the author of Lost and Founder.

To kick off the episode, Rand and I chat about Google update recovery, which opened up the conversation to the state of Google, Facebook, and the web as a whole. We also get Rand’s hot take on E-A-T Score and the concept of picking up advice from the echo chamber.

Rand then dives into the details of the Moz update from DA to DA 2.0, as well as the speculations and misconceptions surrounding it.

We wrap up segment one by shifting the conversation to technical SEO and how Google ranks content for keywords, and more importantly, user intent. Taral asks Rand about the specifics of getting different types of e-commerce pages ranked, in contrast to blog posts and informational content.

Segment two kicks off with influencer marketing, the flaws within it, and how SparkToro can help marketers identify their best opportunities!

We get Rand’s opinion on how machine learning is currently impacting SEO and the ways it will continue to do so in the near future. As we start to come full circle, Rand gives his expert advice to young SEO professionals. In addition to a number of useful tips, Rand provides a handful of resources to get the ball rolling:

To close out the episode, Rand discusses his book, the entrepreneur culture, and the secret to performing at your highest level. SPOILER: The answer is GET MORE SLEEP!

This episode of the Marketing Microscope is one you DO NOT want to miss!

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