Copywriting for Difficult Clients

  1. Episode 2 35:56

Hello everyone! Thanks for joining us for the second installment of The Marketing Microscope! My guest today is Robyn Pigott, a seasoned veteran in the world of copywriting and content creation. In this segment, we discuss the undying task of the professional world: working with difficult clients. More specifically, working with them on copywriting projects.

Robyn Pigott is the Founder of Eleventy7 Marketing, based in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. She creates written content for businesses and agencies while managing a team of copywriters and SEO specialists. Throughout her career, she has filled the role of content manager, SEO analyst, and copywriter. By maneuvering both sides of the client-agency relationship, Robyn has learned first-hand how important communication and planning is to a productive copywriting project.

As many will attest, working with difficult clients comes with the territory of business operations. This has been a reality since the first caveman sold the first rock to the first customer in human history. However, the constant truth is that the client is always right.

Since copywriting is such a subjective art, pleasing clients can sometimes be extremely tough – to put it lightly. Even though it may not seem so at first, tough clients are actually one of the key factors in refining business operations. When things aren’t going well and the progression of a project is rocky, this should ideally light a fire and encourage you to take a step back and critically examine your processes and creative prowess.

No business is perfect. The key is to view your operations as a constant working progress. The successes and shortcomings of each project should be used to improve and build upon future workflows.
In this episode, Robyn and I dive into the details of how businesses can do their best to avoid less-than-stellar client relationships throughout copywriting projects. Additionally, she will discuss some crucial precautions necessary to ensure you don’t end up wasting your time, money, and sanity to get the best solution.

Robyn shares a number of lessons she has learned throughout the years, as well as how to design a strategy that works best for everyone involved in a project.

When it comes to working with clients in general, Robyn has a few words of wisdom to pass on:

“Prepare as much as possible before you start a new project. Use the first meeting to clarify any info you’ve collected and draw out any new details that could help you understand the client’s most important goals.”

Hope you enjoy the segment!

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