The State of Content Marketing in 2020 with Jodi Harris

Greetings fellow marketers! Thanks for joining us for another episode of The Marketing Microscope!

Today’s episode is all about content marketing!

jodiIn this episode, I welcome Jodi Harris, Director of Editorial Content at Content Marketing Institute and Editor-in-Chief of CMI’s magazine, Chief Content Officer. If you’re in content marketing, you’ve more than likely read a few of her posts!

In this episode, Jodi and I talk about content marketing as a whole, the 2020 outlook, and how content marketers can bring their game to the next level.

We kick the show off with Jodi sharing a few of her favorite content marketing campaigns.

These include:

The Coerced – by the Atlantic – to promote the Netflix show “When They See Us”

The Black Cube Chronicles – The New Yorker.

The Will to Die – the audio promotion of a book written by Content Marketing Institute’s Joe Pulizzi

We then get Jodi’s unique definition of content marketing, and what it means to stand out from the crowded digital space.

Spoiler: Content marketing is all about creating a story that builds trust!

Jodi and I then examine the differences in content marketing from a B2B versus B2C perspective and the dominant channels to keep in mind in the 20s and beyond. Speaking of channels, we discuss the rise of AR and VR – as well as how to properly experiment in content marketing.

After a brief intermission, Jodi and I talk about client management. More specifically, convincing clients to invest in content marketing. We then touch on the topic of personal branding and where it fits into the process of building trust.

Jodi and I shift gears to the nuts and bolts of starting a content marketing strategy from scratch – using my camping rental company startup as an example!

As the show comes to a close, Jodi gives us her take on how to convince clients to invest in content marketing. She gives us some insight on how agencies can build trust with potential clients – as well as some red flags to be aware of.

In true Marketing Microscope Fashion, we get some excellent parting words from Jodi to new content marketers:

“If your content is being driven by the demands of your job and not the demands of your audience, you’re doing content marketing wrong.”

If your looking for some good tips on content marketing – or just want to nerd out with us – definitely give this episode a listen!

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