Content Creation for Different Levels of the Buyer’s Journey

  1. Episode 1 10:32

Welcome to the first official episode of The Marketing Microscope! Today I bring in special guest Holly Parker, content expert from fellow San Diego marketing agency, Inseev Interactive. Our topic of discussion in this segment is how the buyer’s journey should influence how you create branded content.

Holly Holly is the Content Creation Manager at Inseev Interactive, a performance-based digital marketing agency in San Diego, California. She’s honed her content skills as an editing and writing professional for the past 5 years, and enjoys creating captivating copy for clients in all industries.

The buyer’s journey is a fascinating concept. Essentially, it is a defined path that people take in regards to their relationship with a business.



When you’re aligning your content with the buyer’s journey, your ideation, language, goals, calls to action, and so on, should all be created in accordance with a certain stage. For instance, when you are creating content for the purpose of raising awareness, the focus during this phase should be education and user-friendliness. Using a bunch of technical jargon and flashy promotions in this area can quickly derail the interest of potential customers.

In this episode, Holly dives into the details of what it means to properly create content for each stage. Whether the goals are to solidify your brand values, improve your link building strategy, get people to buy into your messaging, ect., your content needs to have a defined destination along the buyer’s journey.

Hope you enjoy our first installment!

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