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Take branding to the next level with compelling, creative sales copy from E2M Solutions.

What do all great advertisers have in common? Three words: expert marketing copy.

Apple, Amazon, and Nike don’t just slap words on an ad and call it good – and you shouldn’t either.

The text in your sales copy is crucial for branding success – you don’t just need error-free, attention-grabbing messaging. Get marketing copy that targets customers with bullseye-like accuracy, provides concise value, and adds a unique twist.

Whether it’s a flyer, a marketing brochure, or digital ad, our copywriters will help you make a lasting impact.

What Is Marketing Copy and Why Does It Matter?

Pictures might speak a thousand words, but it’s the copy that sells.

Sales copy may look easy on the surface, but the process is extremely dense. Expert-level marketing copy must pinpoint your customers’ likes, motivations, and interests to capture attention with extreme precision.

There’s no room for purposeless text in an ad – each word must add cohesive value.

Why Choose E2M for Marketing Copy?

We’re not just marketers. We’re not just creative writers. We’re the whole package.

At E2M Solutions, our time-tested copywriting process is engineered to understand what exactly makes your brand special – and how to convey it in copy.

Sales and marketing copy is about much more than witty headlines and original ads. Our focus is on developing long-term branding strategies. The right copy can take you a long way toward a successful future, and we’re here to help you get there.

Types of Marketing Copy E2M Creates

Brochure Copy
LinkedIn Posts
Event Materials
Text on Ads
Press Releases
Landing pages

E2M’s Copywriting Process


Let’s Get to Know Each Other

We begin every new project at E2M with a friendly conversation. Our team wants to know who you are and what you’re about from the get-go. In these initial steps, we’ll come to understand what your expectations are and how this project will flow.


The Brief

It doesn’t matter if you want us to produce a few sales brochures or a dozen LinkedIn posts – our second step is to understand your brand like the back of our hands. We’ll send you a 15-point questionnaire that covers your:

  • Values
  • Brand voice
  • Target customers
  • Inspiration
  • Challenges

Your marketing copy should reflect your brand perfectly – we’ll use this brief to direct everything we do.


Cover the Nitty-Gritty Details

Now that we know you, let’s dive into deeper conversations. What makes your team tick? How do you want to utilize writing for future success? What questions do you have about our process?


Nail Down Your Target Customers

Marketing copy is only as good as its appeal to the right customers. That’s why we take extra steps to research, explore, and understand your target audience down to the smallest detail.


Get the Copy Flowing

Now that we have all of our ducks in a row, it’s time to let our copywriters do what they do best. This is when fingers hit the keyboard and we begin crafting ad copy, brochure copy, or any other promotional material you need.


Edit and Proofread

Nothing – and we mean nothing – gets put in front of an E2M client until it has undergone a rigorous proofing process. Each word passes through our senior editors to ensure it meets your expectations and branding goals.


Get Your Opinion

We want to hear your input. This is your brand, your area of expertise – your opinion is everything throughout the project.


Make Revisions If Necessary

In the case revisions are needed, we’ll take the marketing materials back and whip them into proper shape. We’re happy to jump on a call to discuss your notes in detail. We won’t settle until you are pleased.


Wrap It Up

This is where we dot our I’s, cross our T’s, and make sure everything is neatly buttoned up. We don’t allow loose strings in any of our marketing copy.


Present the Final Marketing Copy

Ta-duh! You’ve reached step ten and have live marketing copy. After we’ve said our congratulations and cheered one another, we’ll take the opportunity to discuss how the project went. We are always looking for new ways to improve for the future.

Experience in Many Industries

Here are some of the industries we’ve worked in:

Digital marketing
Home improvement
Martial arts
Senior living


Are E2M’s copywriters US-based?

Yes. E2M’s copywriters and editors are based in the United States. All copy will be written and vetted by native speakers.

Do you write marketing copy for search engines or for humans?

Our answer would have to be both – but we write for humans first and foremost. These are the customers you want to take action and become loyal buyers. SEO is only going to apply to online copy. Once we feel we’ve targeted the right people, we’ll incorporate strong keywords and work toward better SEO results.

How do you know how to match my brand’s personality?

Part of what we do as marketers is learn all about your brand, backwards and forwards. Our copywriting brief is designed to understand how you tick, how you sound, and how we can properly match your voice in all the copy we produce.

How long does it take to write marketing copy?

This answer will vary project-by-project. We’ll be as upfront as possible beforehand and provide you with estimates at the beginning to work with your schedule.

Who will own the rights to the marketing copy if E2M produces it?

You will! Once the project is finished and you’ve paid in full, the copyrights will automatically transfer to you.

Do you incorporate social media into your sales copywriting services?

Yes! However, we only offer LinkedIn post writing services at this time.

Other Copywriting Services

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