ShopIntegrator wanted to create brand awareness and increase engagement via content marketing practices such as thought leadership, influencer outreach, on-site posts, and digital PR.

Apart from that, their ultimate goal was also to gain/convert new customers through content marketing.


At E2M, we made sure that their technical SEO is flawless and suggested changes, wherever required.

We made a list of high-authority platforms to connect with ShopIntegrator’s target audience and began our content marketing efforts. We put in the required effort to increase traffic and engagement using high-quality content.

Here’s the brief plan that was proposed to ShopIntegrator to help them achieve their goal:

  • Our objective was to put ShopIntegrator in front of their target audience, for which we planned guest contributions under the ‘Thought Leadership’ campaign with their CEO’s authority.
  • We planned the blogger outreach campaign in order to increase ShopIntegrator’s visibility.
  • We designed a very specific blogging strategy for ShopIntegrator’s blog, where we focused on topics that could serve as answers to specific questions on their target audience’s mind.
  • We planned a PR campaign, where we created a database of writers, editors and journalists, prepared pitches with content focused around ShopIntegrator, and outlined an execution plan.
  • The most important part of a content marketing campaign is the distribution of the content/links. Hence, we emphasized on distributing the posts we produced through social media platforms to build engagement.


E2M’s efforts paid off well with ShopIntegrator witnessing a sharp rise in brand awareness, user engagement, and website traffic.

  • E2M’s idea of positioning the CEO of ShopIntegrator as a thought leader in the ecommerce space worked well. We were able to get him placed as a contributing author on platforms like MarketingProfs,, All Top Startups, SMB CEO, CEO Blog Nation, and YFS Magazine, to name a few.
  • Through the blogger outreach campaign, ShopIntegrator secured mentions on sites like Small Biz Trends, Business 2 Community, Tech Cocktail, Steam Feed, Get Entrepreneurial, and many more.
  • On-site blog posting turned out to be a huge success as a majority of our posts received the desired visibility, and are shared on social media till date.
  • The PR campaign helped ShopIntegrator get featured on platforms like Jeff Bullas, Duct Tape Marketing, Relevance, and more.
  • ShopIntegrator’s referral traffic saw more than 1100 visits, thanks to campaigns like Thought Leadership, PR and Blogger Outreach.