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What Are Whitepapers?


A whitepaper is an authoritative, extensive content asset that delves into a specific topic with in-depth data and research. Whitepapers help readers understand issues, solve problems, and make informed decisions with your guidance.

A valuable whitepaper must be:

  • Highly informative
  • Direct in addressing complex issues
  • Insight-rich based on facts and data
  • Properly branded in your image

How Whitepapers Benefit Your Brand

  • Become a trusted
    source of valuable
  • Establish credibility
    among your peers
    and followers.
  • Educate your readers
    to help them make
    better decisions.
  • Highlight success
    stories you’ve
  • Convince the world
    your brand is worth

Our Whitepaper Writing Strategy

Step 1

Understand the Purpose of the Whitepaper

Before pen is put to paper, or text to document, our team will communicate with yours to understand the goals of the whitepaper.

  • Is it to educate your followers?
  • Gain more credibility?
  • Showcase a victory you experienced?

We’ll zero in on your goals to understand what this whitepaper needs to achieve.

Step 2

Collect the Information

Working closely with your team, we’ll collect all of the relevant data, interviews, numbers, and other information needed to make your whitepaper 100 percent accurate. We’ll conduct our own research as necessary to ensure we’re writing knowledgeably.

Step 3

Write the Content

Using the data and commentary you’ve given us - our team of expert writers will dedicate themselves to creating drafts of the text. All of your edits and feedback will be incorporated to ensure the content of the whitepaper reflects your goals.

Step 4

Design the Graphics

A whitepaper needs stellar graphics to properly shine. After the text has been approved, we’ll collaborate with your team to implement the color schemes, logos, graphs, and visual representations of your brand.

Step 5


The whitepaper creation process doesn’t fully end until we review every element with you to ensure everything is up to par. Your satisfaction is our number one goal.

Whitepaper Writing FAQs

What kind of companies benefit from whitepapers?

Who typically reads whitepapers?

What’s the difference between a whitepaper and an eBook?

The biggest difference is that whitepapers are written for experts at a very high subject level - we’re talking about industry-leading authority. Most eBooks, on the other hand, are geared towards the masses.

How do you promote a whitepaper?

Whitepapers can be promoted in many ways – from social media shares and email marketing to funnel-based blog posts. It all comes down to where your brand typically gets the most leads.

How long are whitepapers?

Although this answer can vary depending on the topic and its depth, we typically aim for 2000-3000 words – or six to ten pages. That’s the number most recommended by experts and readers alike.

Whitepaper Samples and Case Studies

Check out some of the prized whitepapers we’ve written!

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