What Is  Headless WordPress?

In a headless CMS or headless WordPress, both the front- and back-end are separate or decoupled. Hence the name - headless CMS.

How Does Headless WordPress Work?

In a headless CMS or headless WordPress, the front-end or the Head works independently of the back-end or the Body. So, instead of sending the content to the front-end directly, it gets routed through a REST API.

How to Set Up Headless WordPress?

You can set up a new headless WP site or convert an existing one into a headless CMS. You can set it up manually or using plugins.

Manual Setup

Set Up Using Plugin

Best Framework Options for Headless WordPress

If you want a stunning front-end, you will need a suitable framework. The top choices include React JS, Faust JS, Gatsby JS, Vue JS, Next JS, Angular JS, Foundation, and jQuery.

Benefits of Headless WordPress?

A headless WordPress CMS does offer a few unique benefits, including:

Better Front-End Flexibility

Enhanced Security

Better Performance

Increased Scalability

Diverse Technical Skills

Drawbacks of Headless WordPress?

The headless WordPress does come with a few drawbacks, such as:

No WYSIWYG editor

Increasingly Complex Structure

Increasingly Expensive

SEO Fundamentals for Headless WordPress

The SEO may not change that much. But you have to keep the following in mind.

Use the Schema.org structured data markup

Use meta tags correctly

Perform Regular SEO audits

Use a static site generator (SSG)

Use a CDN

Optimize Images


When You   Shouldn’t Go with Headless WordPress?

Headless WordPress is not for everyone. Consider the following before going for it.

Requires higher skill set

Challenging for non-developers

Needs double the maintenance

Lacks live preview

Expensive down the line

Future Outlook of  Headless WordPress?

Despite the drawbacks, headless WordPress is here to stay. In fact, going headless is becoming seamless and more efficient. It’s likely to be the future of WordPress development.

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