1. What Is  Headless Shopify

Headless Shopify is a setup where the back-end (Shopify plus) is separate from the front-end (the presentation layer). An API forms the connecting link between the two.

2. How Does Headless Shopify Work?

Headless Shopify consists of two independent fractions – "the front end" and "the back end." An API exchanges the information between these two parts.

3. Understanding Shopify as A  Headless Structure

While headless Shopify sounds a brilliant option, it has a few drawbacks.

Missing rich text editor.

Loss of several other native functionalities.

No apps and plugins from Shopify app store. 

Loss of Shopify’s customer accounts.

4. How to Setup Headless Shopify

Take the following steps to setup Headless Shopify.

Select The Right Technology for Your Shopify Front-End

Understand The Shopify Storefront API

Create an Access Token

Build Your Front-End (Shopify Storefront)

5. Top Headless Commerce Powered by Shopify

Many Shopify-powered websites use the headless technology, including Kotn, Allbirds, Yoga Girl, Plenaire, and Verishop.

6. Benefits of Headless Shopify

Headless Shopify offers features that are hard to miss.

Better Flexibility

Customizable URLs

Enhanced Security

Excellent Control Over User Experience

Higher Scalability

Increased Speed

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs)

Reduced Time to Market

7. Drawbacks of Headless Shopify

But it also comes with a few drawbacks of its own.

Loss of Support for Apps/Services

Increased Complexity

No WYSIWYG editor

No New Shopify Features

Difficulty in Finding an Implementation Partner

8. SEO for  Headless Shopify

SEO for headless Shopify also needs to be unique. It involves:

Focus on Content & Readability

Using Dynamic Serving

Avoiding Hashed URLs

Maintain URLs as it is

Use static URLs.

9. Cost of   Headless Shopify

Although headless Shopify is more expensive, it tends to bring in more profits. After going headless, brands like Ballsy increased its conversion rate by 28%.

10. When Should   You Go with   Headless Shopify

Go for headless Shopify if you want the following.

Unique Branded Experience

Better Customer Experience

Higher Conversion Rates

High Performance

11. Future Outlook of Headless Shopify

Headless Shopify is the future of eCommerce. With the number of devices increasing rapidly, headless technology remains the best way to get the  content across.

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