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Put another way, a linkable asset is more than “content.” Instead, it’s something innovative enough, valuable enough, and unique enough to call a “product.” The only difference between this and a more conventional product is that it’s not for sale. It’s made available for free in exchange for exposure.

Have you ever noticed that most of the top sites on the web aren’t pure “content” sites? Facebook, Google, Amazon, Twitter…these sites are all built around something, something worth talking about. Even when you look at the small successes, you’ll find that successful independent bloggers have usually built their site around a book, a training series, or a forum.

A linkable asset, put simply, is an asset on your site that’s worth linking to. It’s something that influential people will be happy to share with their audiences if you can just get them to take a look at it. It’s something that your followers will tell others about, and it’s something that visitors will come back to use more than once. It’s something that they will interact with, and it’s something that they will remember.

Linkable assets are the secret behind these sites’ success. Here are a few examples:
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