Why Link Building?

The term “link building” is quite outdated and nearly a taboo in modern digital marketing context, and so marketers have come up with “softer” expressions, such as earning links, link bait, natural link acquisition, and attracting links to describe the same thing.

However, allow us say it in no uncertain terms: Building quality links is the most effective way there is to increase your site’s visibility and move it up the SERPs. Simply put, it forms the backbone of any SEO strategy.

Some pseudo-“expert” SEO companies take unfair advantage of this fact and build backlinks for their clients’ sites in ways that simply wouldn’t make sense if it weren’t for the search bots. Unsurprisingly, there is nothing to show for it at the end of the link building “campaign.”

This is NOT how we approach link building. E2M is a white hat, professional link building agency who have been in the business long enough to know – and build – links that are not only valued by Google, but will also benefit your brand and your business.

We have a relationship-based, manually-vetted, resource-intensive process for building links. Our link building campaigns are conceptualized and executed around high quality content, focused on delivering your brand message.

Our link building services are consistent, scalable, and designed to get you exposure, earn you credibility, send you qualified web traffic, and return you a profit, even if search engines ignore the links we build for you. But of course, you can rest assured they won’t!

The advantages of this are two fold

We kill two birds with one stone, boosting exposure not just in the search engines, but in prominent places throughout the web
These kinds of links have the strongest impact on search results, and are the most likely to continue to work in the long run

Our Motto


To live up to this promise, here are our

  • Develop a brand-specific link building strategy
  • Identify natural link building and link earning opportunities
  • Build links from high profile, relevant platforms that your target audiences love
  • Publish editorial guest posts on multi-author blogs and mainstream platforms
  • Create and promote infographics and visual content that earn media coverage
  • Use content marketing strategies that are profitable in their own right, but also help search results
  • Use press releases to promote media coverage of events and resources
  • Invest in linkable assets valuable enough to transform traffic into links
  • Earn secondary links through audience sharing activity
  • Use natural and branded anchor text with a focus on usefulness and click-rates
  • Build thousands of spammy links through automation
  • Build unnatural links that offer zero value if search engines ignore them
  • Participate in link schemes that violate Google’s webmaster guidelines
  • Publish guest posts on “made for SEO” blogs or content mills, or publish unlabeled advertorials
  • Create embeddable infographics or widgets containing non-editorial backlinks
  • Create websites strictly to point links to and from
  • Use links in press releases strictly hoping for those links to influence search results
  • Make financial exchanges explicitly for links
  • Build links from penalized websites
  • Use keyword-targeted anchor text likely to attract penalties

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