Hire Offshore Dedicated
Resource Model

A dedicated development center business model helps you save considerable overhead costs. It enables you to potentially save around 15% to 60% on the development expenses associated with a project.

dedicated development center business model

If you are dealing with a continuous volume of work or your workload is expanding steadily, this business model is the perfect solution for your company. You can select from a pool of skilled developers and designers, lower your overheads, and increase your work quality and resource flexibility in the process.

E2M has developed different offshore dedicated resource models with the primary aim of providing clients with a team of designers and developers with project-specific skillsets. Our offshore team can seamlessly collaborate with your in-house team through a number of project management resources - like Teamwork, Trello, Basecamp, and Asana.

You can choose from two dedicated resource models.

Full-Time Hiring
Full-Time Hiring
8 hours a day
5 days a week (Mon - Fri)
160 hours per month
Communication Channels
Slack, Skype, Email, Zoom, and
Phone Call
Part-Time Hiring
Part-Time Hiring
4 hours a day
5 days a week (Mon - Fri)
80 hours per month
Communication Channels
Slack, Skype, Email, Zoom, and
Phone Call
Minimum Hiring Period
2 Months

We Understand the Challenges Most Agency Owners Face

Understand the Challenges Most Agency
  • Growing your revenue and profit mark-ups without increasing overhead costs.
  • Managing different teams located in different locations working on the same project.
  • Expanding your business without increasing your spending on in-house resource and infrastructure development.
  • Sustaining the overhead costs of a resource after the project is finished.
  • Growing your business overnight without having to hire in-house resources.

Benefits of Our Offshore Dedicated Resource Model

Convenience of choosing a suitable hiring model (Full-time/Part-time).
No start-up or hidden costs - such as physical infrastructure and labor.
Flexibility to modify your team, allowing you to save overhead costs when you have limited project requirements.
Work with team members of your choosing.
Daily reporting and communication.
Access to a wide range of IT experts with adiversified skill set and industry experience.
Limited expenditure on recruitment and infrastructure.
No additional expenses toward training and retaining.
Fulfil your budget constraints without compromising project quality or productivity.
Complete source code authorization.
Save at least 50% on salaries, as well as medical and other benefits.

Why Dedicated Offshore Resources Are Better Than Freelancers


A dedicated resource is less likely to compromise your code compared to a freelancer.

Quality and Commitment

Dedicated resources will offer better work quality compared to most freelancers. They are also more committed to completing your project on time.


Unlike freelancers, dedicated resources are available throughout the workweek at fixed hours.


Hassle-free and productive communication are two huge benefits of working with dedicated resources.

Maintenance and Support

Dedicated resources offer seamless maintenance and support.


You have better control over a dedicated resource's everyday tasks and overall project progress.


Dedicated resources will prioritize your project, while freelancers may continue to work on other projects simultaneously.


You can scale up and down the number of dedicated resources quickly.

Fixed Monthly Cost

You pay a fixed monthly cost for dedicated resources.

Hire Our Dedicated Model Resources

Hire Our Dedicated Model Resources

How It Works


It all starts with a kickoff call to understand your requirements.


Next, you can interview the candidates suitable for your project through a Skype or phone interview.


Once you have selected suitable candidates, we will finish a pilot project or a small task to give you an idea of the quality we provide.


If you are happy with our results, we will start working on the project.


You will get daily reporting and project updates from our end.


We will make sure to stick to the quality standards defined by you.


We will provide a dedicated account manager for billing and resource-related queries.


We will take care of the coding standards, performance, optimization, and time tracking.


You can increase or decrease the number of resources working on your project at any point.


You can directly communicate with your dedicated resources and account manager via Email/Video call/Audio call/Slack/Skype/Zoom meetings.

Frequently Asked Questions

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    1. What will be the ideal working time of the resource?

    a) Ideal timings for the resource would be 10 am to 7 pm IST. Alternatively, teams are flexible to adjust a couple of hours based on your timezone.

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    2. Who will own the source code developed by dedicated resources?

    a) You will own the rights to all the codes developed by our resources.

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    3. What will be the minimum contract duration?

    a) There is no minimum contract duration. You can add or terminate resources within a 30-day period.

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    4. What will be the payment terms?

    a) You will need to pay 50% in advance for each contract's billing cycle (start of the month) and 50% upon the completion of the billing cycle.

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    5. Will the information shared be confidential, secure, and safe?

    a) Yes. Every resource dedicated to you will sign an NDA. You can review all the clauses about confidentiality and security before the work starts.

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    6. Do I have to train my team?

    a) No. Our developers are well-versed and experienced enough to hit the ground running for your project. They can start working as soon as your in-house team furnishes the work details. We also provide our employees with the required training and make sure their skills are updated regularly.

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    7. Will there be a limit on the project numbers I can assign?

    a) No. You can assign as many projects as you want directly to your dedicated resources, and prioritize as per the deadline.

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    8. Can I switch resources if I am not happy?

    a) Yes, you can. You just need to provide a 10-day notice before switching them.

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    9. Can I communicate with the resources directly?

    a) Yes. You can communicate with the resources via call, email, Slack, Skype, or a Zoom meetings directly.

  • ?
    10. Can we start by hiring one developer?

    a) Yes. You can start by hiring one developer and scale up gradually as you need.

  • ?
    11. Will I have the same level of control over them as I have with my team?

    a) Yes. You can start by hiring one developer and scale up gradually as you need.

  • ?
    12. Can I discontinue the services when I don't have enough work volume?

    a) Yes. You can discontinue the service anytime you wish by giving a week of notice.

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    13. Can I hire an entire team?

    b) Yes. You can hire a team of resources with different skillsets who will work together until the completion of your project.

The E2M Advantage

Dedicated account manager to keep you abreast of the latest project developments.
State-of-the-art infrastructure that ensures quality, efficiency, and speed.
A secure network to guard your data and code from any malicious intent.
A brand value that comes from a company that's been in business for over seven years.
Ability to work with resources with more than a decade of industry experience.
60+ highly experienced and skilled resources ready to hit the ground running.
A wide array of skills to choose from.
A proven track record of working with varied and global clientele.
Timely and efficient reporting to ensure everyone is on the same page.
Seamless and Transparent work processes
Top-notch communication skills.
Use of the top project management tools.
Flexible hiring model (full-time or part-time).


The entire team is really fast, highly skilled and have great communication.
After hiring internal developers for the past five years at our agency, we decided that we were ready to try to give outsourcing a try. We had been through a number of internal developers, and each one came with their own set of issues - the number one being that they just were not able to assure the quality of their own work. As our agency began to scale, this became a bigger and bigger problem. I no longer have the time, patience or desire to be that final quality assurance role for my company. Am I a paying a little more now to get my development done? Maybe. But the amount of time I'm saving by having a team that does the work right the first time, has saved me so much time myself that there's no doubt working with E2M has made us more profitable. The entire team is really fast, highly skilled and have great communication. I highly recommend working with E2M as a web development partner.
Nate Freedman
Owner of TechProMarketing.com
Thanks to E2M's services, I can focus more on sales, developing new programs and growing my business.

For over 20 years I did almost everything in my agency myself. Now, thanks to E2M's services, I can focus more on sales, developing new programs and growing my business. I've been working with E2M for well over two years now and their awesome team has allowed me to get out of the design, development and SEO seats in my business. I can also offer higher level solutions to my clients to meet their needs and goals.

E2M has taken on every task - from simple updates to full blown projects. They also take the time to make recommendations and suggestions that will make our projects better. From complex database work tied to custom online functionality to Duda, WordPress and other platform development, they handle it all. They've also hopped into new (to them) platforms that we use and have delivered way more than I ever expected.

E2M is now a key part of our team and integrated into our business and everyday activities

Owner of Motorhead Digital
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