Google Penalty

Google Algorithmic Penalty Recovery

Google is continuously updating its algorithm in an attempt to eliminate spam and reduce the presence of mediocre results. Unfortunately, these updates often hurt businesses that made bad decisions in the past, as well as businesses that worked with SEO agencies that recklessly put their clients at risk.

Our Approach

We have helped several clients recover from these kinds of updates. We don’t approach these projects as mere “link removal” or pure SEO tasks. Instead, we work together with clients to help them redesign their digital marketing strategy. We combine our knowledge of SEO with other marketing strategies that will earn you a loyal audience. Because of this, some of our clients have been restored to their previous traffic levels even before the next algorithm update.


This update was designed to target sites with mediocre content, article directories in particular. Sites can sometimes capture a great deal of search engine traffic simply by publishing massive amounts of content, regardless of its quality. Panda targets these sites and reduces their traffic. We can help you define and implement a new content strategy that will help you recover from Panda, and prevent future demotions.


This update targets sites with unnatural backlinks. Google uses backlinks to measure how authoritative and relevant a site is, and some sites take advantage of this by building massive numbers of backlinks through deceptive or non-editorial techniques. If Penguin has affected your bottom line, we can help you clean up your backlinks, and more importantly, design and implement a new strategy for link acquisition. Our link building strategies are designed not only to boost search engine rankings, but to send profitable referral traffic to your site, and to put you in front of relevant audiences.

White Label

If you’re an agency, we can help you scale your agency business with our white label partner program. Learn more about our white label services.

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