Demonstrate your industry knowledge
and drive more leads the right way with an
all-inclusive eBook!

You could write a book about your industry – but do you have the time and resources to make it happen?

E2M’s content writers and graphic designers will articulate your knowledge into a flashy eBook that screams “THOUGHT LEADER!”

We’ll handle all the nuts & bolts in planning the outline, writing the content, designing the format, and positioning the eBook to showcase your industry leadership!

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The Benefits of Creating an eBook

Many doors open when you create a professional branded eBook. Here are just a few of the top benefits:

Demonstrate your
vast industry expertise

Prove why your
brand is an authority


Earn trust
from potential customers



Our eBook Writing Process: Planning, Writing, Editing, and Designing

Step 1

The Brief

This 15-point questionnaire is designed to gauge your brand voice, personality, values, target audience, and how our content writers can bring your eBook to life!

Step 2


To write your eBook, we need an in-depth understanding of your industry, challenges, and solutions. This part involves gathering the best resources so our content writers can properly position you as a bona fide expert.

Step 3

The Outline

Our content writing team will create an in-depth outline detailing each chapter for your review. Your approval on this outline is our green light to begin writing the eBook.

Step 4

Chapter-by-Chapter Review

E2M’s content team will begin the eBook writing process by drafting each chapter for your individual review. This is to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the message, voice, and style. Once we get your approval, we will move on to the next chapter!

Step 5

Editing & Proofreading

Each piece of content is thoroughly edited & proofread by our senior editors to be sure the content is in line with your requirements.

Step 6


Once you approve the content, E2M’s graphics team will begin the process of creating a design. Our goal is to create eye-catching visual components to supplement your expertise. We can convert eBooks into a variety of formats, including ePubs, PDFs, Mobi, and more. We’ll also optimize images to ensure everything is up to par.

Step 7

Final Review

The approved content and final design will be presented for your review. Take as much time as you need!

Step 8


Our seasoned marketers will provide expert guidance to promote your beautiful eBook and get the leads you deserve!

Why Choose E2M’s eBook Writing Service?

eBooks are more than just a pile of words and graphic designs.

An eBook should be a masterpiece that demonstrates your industry knowledge, captures leads, and shows potential customers that you’re the best person for the job! You can’t just have anyone write your eBook.

You need a journalistic content writer, a stickler editor, a team of innovative graphic designers, and a persistent project manager. If you choose E2M’s eBook ghostwriting writing service, you get all of that goodness under one roof!

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Work Hand-in-Hand with Our Team

Worried about handing over the entire creation process when you outsource eBook writing?

Don’t worry - you’ll be a part of our eBook writing service every step of the way. We’ll handle the legwork to ensure your voice is heard and your expertise is shown in the best light!

Let our team of expert writers and researchers take the reins!


Are E2M’s eBook writers native English speakers?

How long should my eBook be?

What is the turnaround time for an eBook?

This will depend on the length. In total for a 2500-4000-word eBook, you can expect a turnaround time of 2-4 weeks (including design). Individual chapters (content only) will be completed within a day or two. We will keep you in the loop if any delays come up.

How many revisions do I get?

You get two content-related revisions per chapter.

What format can I expect my eBook in?

We can provide the final eBook in a PDF, ePub, or MOBI file, whichever you prefer.

eBook Case Studies and Samples

Take a look at the eBooks we’ve written!

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