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Conversion Rate

The Value

When most people think about marketing, they think about expanding their reach, and if they’re really good, they also think about keeping an audience. But there’s more to the equation than reach. How many of the people you reach actually end up buying? How valuable is each one of your customers?

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is about transforming exposure into revenue. It’s about enticing consumers to take an action.

The Effect

The Effect

Unfortunately, conversion rate optimization suffers from a cultural problem. There’s an obsession with the final action, with what happens on the sales page, and little or no interest in what came before the sale. What is the context of the sale?

While we do offer landing page optimization services, we don’t believe that landing page optimization is all there is to CRO. We believe in tracking sales back to their source: the original referral, the individual pieces of content they’ve consumed in the meantime, and the small actions they’ve taken.

Here are a few ways we approach CRO differently:

A/B Testing
A/B Testing isn’t limited to individual design elements. It can also be used to test the overall message, consumer objections, psychological principles, strategies, and other innovative ideas.
Observational Data
Testing isn’t the only source of data CROs can work with. Observational data from user behavior and surveys can be a powerful source of insight and can lead to tests with more dramatic results.
Other Strategies
There’s more to testing than split testing. It’s possible to analyze the contributions from previous content, strategies, and tactics, and to test whether this kind of success is repeatable.
Average Consumer Lifetime
Average consumer lifetime value is more important than your actual conversion rate.

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