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Tires-easy is a one of the largest US-based online, one-stop shop to purchase new tires. It offers a plethora of tire options to customers with user-friendly categorization based on specifications.

Tires-easy was having a hard time attracting traffic to their most popular tire brands. E2M countered this problem by creating a well-thought-out, long-form resource that would mention all the top tire brands. Further, this resource would rank number one in search results.

The Challenge


We started our task by searching for the right keyword which could be targeted for creating the resource that would cover the major tire brands.

After filtering out various keywords, we finalized two: ‘Best tire Brands’ and ‘top tire brands’ on which a long-form content can be created. This content would mention all the major tire brands.

Next, we started with competitors’ research in which we listed all the top keywords and related keywords that the competitors’ posts were ranking for. A section-wise advanced level keyword analysis and research was carried out to finalize the best keywords which can help them rank in search engines.

With our thorough research, we also identified the depth of information and the format in which it needs to be presented to provide maximum value to readers.

Based on the E-A-T concept, we identified one major loophole in competitors’ posts which we can utilize for our benefit.

The information provided by the competitors was good, but lacked authority and trustworthiness. We took advantage of this loophole by adding relevant links from high-authority and high-trust domains to our client’s content. We also linked to every brand’s original company website.

All these steps provided that extra push in terms of authority, authenticity, and trustworthiness to the content, which competitors’ content was missing.

We also bifurcated the information which readers are most likely to look for in the content, so that they can easily access all the information and don’t need to search for specific information in cluttered content.


Within just two months of publishing the content and without any promotion or link building, the content started ranking #1, as well as got included in Google Featured Snippet for the keyword ‘Best Tire Brands’ which has a search volume of 8.3K.

The content also ranked on a total of 500+ keywords with a total traffic value of $11.3K

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