Soft4 Leasing Case Study

For more than 15 years, Soft4leasing has been a leading program helping financial institutions meet specific leasing business needs and achieve cutting edge results.

Soft4Leasing leads the leasing industry with 92% satisfaction rates with an all-in-one leasing software solution.

On average, Soft4leasing spends around 634 hours every year developing/expanding the Soft4Leasing product, and typically launches upgrades 1-2 times a year.

Soft4Leasing has earned praise across the industry for being fast-to-deploy, easy-to-adapt, extend, and integrate with other systems.

Soft4Leasing is stoutly focused on brand and technology awareness through various channels and allows clients to seamlessly reach their target market to meet business needs.

The Challenge


Before we began working, we had a kickoff meeting with the Soft4leasing client to understand their business, software, and target market.

Based on the discussion, we started researching websites focused on accounting and finance with high authority and traffic around ten thousand/month.

We used Buzzsumo, Ahrefs, and SEMrush to analyze third-party websites in the accounting/finance niche for traffic, content quality, and authority among audiences.

It was difficult to find high authority websites that accepted third-party content in the accounting/finance niche.

After thorough research, we created a list of about 15-20 niche websites for the client's review. Upon approval, we personalized our email and pitched topic ideas with in-depth outlines to all the website editors individually.

In order to create good topic ideas, we had to collaborate our writing and digital marketing teams with the client's team. To finalize topics, we used a number of tools and resources to research content that would fit naturally into this niche, as well as each third-party website.

Our goal was to target a specific page for high search volume keywords through these topic ideas.

We did our research using the term "leasing software" to see what types of posts are ranking and what information they contain. We took extra time to filter out the “dud” topic ideas to ensure we weren’t regurgitating content, but adding something new to the niche.

We then discussed with the client to finalize our ideas. With the client's requirements, our research, third-party website guidelines, and target market in mind, we finalized topic ideas/outlines and pitched them to the third-party website editors.

Once we got the thumbs up for the topic ideas/outlines from the website editors, the next step was to create thought leadership content around the keyword “leasing software” - as well as include the information that would capture the target audience’s attention and interest.

Once we drafted the content, we had the client review/approve it before sending it to the website editors.


We saw a tremendous increase in keyword ranking and traffic for the page:


Website traffic increased by 20X


Below you can see the keyword growth in March. It gradually started increasing from May onwards and continues to grow today, with exceptional growth in July.
This graph shows the number of keywords of which the page is ranking has increased significantly.

Apart from this, the page position for the targeted keywords significantly improved and moved up in the Google search engine results pages.

Here is the sheet that lists the keywords with current and historical positions:

Additionally, the page has started ranking for new keywords, as shown in the screenshot below.

According to Ahrefs data, the targeted page is now one of the top two pages on the client’s website. 

The screenshot below shows that the target page is ranking on the 4th position in the search engine results page for the main keyword, “leasing software.” 

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