Octane Seating

Organic Traffic Building Case Study

Octane Seating is one of the top sellers in the home theater furniture domain in the United States. The company has built a leading name for itself by providing agile and reliable solutions with the help of the latest technology.

They focus on creating stylish, comfortable, affordable, and functional furniture that suits every budget. Along with having substantial revenue offline through dealerships, corporate locations, and company showrooms, they also wanted to grow their online sales by attracting more web traffic to their online store.



We spoke with the Octane Seating representatives to understand what they had in mind. These meetings proved to be instrumental in defining the goals and benchmarks for this project.

Before brainstorming the topic idea and finalizing it, we wanted to carry out thorough research about the different topics presently ranking for the home theater furniture niche. The analysis included (but was not limited to): titles, content structure, URL structure, backlinks analysis, and keyword analysis.

We used our advanced and sophisticated research and analysis process to identify the ranking opportunities. Based on our research, we created a detailed content outline comprising all the necessary points. We created a content-structure that offered insight into how the content would look in the final draft.

We used several different SEO tools and applied multiple keyword research strategies to make a comprehensive list of the most relevant keywords. It was a challenging process, as we had to make sure each keyword appeared naturally in the content. We didn't want Google to raise any red flags on our keyword usage.

Before creating the final draft, a team of experts reviewed the content. This step was added to make sure the content complied with the pre-set parameters. In the end, we managed to create a piece of content of over 5500 words in length. Our graphic design team also spent lots of time creating custom visuals for the post. Thus, the final draft wasn't plain text-based content, but a visually-interactive and intuitive piece of writing.

In addition to this, we made sure that the content flow was non-restrictive, giving us the ability to make quick updates with the latest information based on the changing trends. It would allow our piece of content to stay relevant, be able to compete with new information in the same niche, and maintain a steady search engine rank for an extended period of time.


Over time, the content started ranking for more keywords ranging from medium to very high search volume. Our strategy paid off - within just three months from the date of publishing, the content began ranking organically in top 5 positions for a total of more than 1500+ keywords, including a few top targeted ones.

Google Analytics data shows the increase in web traffic for this post from 08/01/18 to 10/24/18.

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