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What most businesses fail to realize is that a blog is not a promotional platform. It’s not a place to post business news or coupons. It’s a consumer asset. The blogs that get read promote next to nothing. Instead, they offer value to consumers so that they keep coming back for more.

The Dirty Secret

Almost every online business has a blog these days, but the dirty little secret most of these blogs share is that they add little or no business value. In fact, many of them likely have negative business value, pulling visitors off of sales pages and then bouncing them off of the site.

Unlike advertising audiences, blog audiences are voluntary audiences. Consumers must choose to visit your blog.

A few ways we can help you build a blog that matters

We can help you define a unique position in the idea marketplace
We can promote your blog posts on influential, relevant platforms
We can produce visual and auditory content as well as traditional blog posts
We can help transform visits into subscriptions
We can turn subscriptions into sales
Our blogging expertise is also fully integrated into our content marketing, SEO, and conversion rate optimization services to bring you measurable results.

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