Social media marketing has become a mission critical arm of inbound marketing. Social media is leveraged by marketers to improve branding, enhance customer engagement and increase traffic to their websites or brick and mortar shops/office. With billions of active users across diverse platforms, social media is a never ending resource of potential customers.

What’s more, these users cut across demographics and age groups. As a business, there is absolutely no doubt you can make an impression on your target customers if you use social media right.

Social media has become an important tool for customer acquisition and retention. One of the reasons why social media encourages people to follow and buy from a particular brand, is the personal brand connect it fosters. A strong presence on social media makes a brand approachable; this is what modern customers want. Something else that social media does is it improves brand credibility, by way of social recommendations. Customers trust personal recommendations more than brand advertisements.

This is why it is imperative businesses are able to maximize social media. And it’s not just B2C businesses that must use social media; B2B businesses must be able to leverage its potential as well.

Social Media Holds in Store for B2B in 2015

Source: How B2B Businesses Are Tackling Social Media In 2015