Top Turks is a monthly feature on E2M. It features the movers and shakers in the fields of entrepreneurship, digital marketing, social media, and technology, offering insights into how business leaders think, work and have fun.

This month’s Top Turk is Ian Cleary. Here’s a little more about him.

Ian is the founder of He is also a content marketer and marketing-tech enthusiast. He has been a speaker at Social Media Marketing World, Content Marketing World, and Martech. Further, he writes for Forbes, and Kickboxer.

Ian has been listed as the eighth most influential person in social media globally by Onalytica in 2016. He has consistently ranked among the global top 50 content marketing and social media influencers. Ian has recently trained 4,000 people on social media tools in an online webinar.

We asked him a few interesting questions about his life, and here’s what he had to say:

1. What do you do within half-an-hour of waking up?

I get dressed, have 2 Wheatabix, go to my office (end of my garden) and start my early morning ritual. I do a minute of exercise to get my blood flowing, a minute of thinking about goals, a minute thinking about what I’m thankful for, one minute thinking about what I want to achieve in a day. I then start mapping out my day in tasks and calendar items.

2. How much time do you devote to work daily?

9 to 10 hours a day. I generally don’t work weekends.

Ian at his desk

3. What is your daily work routine like?

I wake up at 5.30 and get to work as soon as possible at the end of my garden. I outline 4 main activities for the day that I want to achieve and then I start assigning tasks to my team and me. I also block time in the calendar for work I need to do that day. I work until midday and then I go to the gym. At 1.40 I pick up my daughter from school. At 2pm I’m back to work until 4.45pm. For the last 15 minutes I evaluate what I have achieved for the day and plan the next day.

Ian’s office

4. How many times in a day do you check your email?

I probably check it at least 20 times a day but I’m trying to reduce it. Recently I removed email from my phone which is helping.

5. How much time in a day do you dedicate to researching or reading/watching industry-related news?

About 30 minutes per day.

6. What has been your biggest professional achievement so far?

Within 6 months of launching my blog it was voted as one of the top 10 social media blogs in the world by Social Media Examiner.

7. What has been your biggest failure so far?

Before launching RazorSocial I was working on a software product that completely failed. The reason I started RazorSocial was because I had no other idea for a product!

8. What is your biggest dream?

I want to sell a software company for a lot of money and travel around the world.

9. How do you unwind?

I love sport. I do gymnastics, kickboxing, weight training and aerobic exercises.

10. What is the craziest thing about you?

I used to work as a construction worker in an underwater tunnel in Australia!! That was when I was young and needed to make money to travel around Australia. There was more money as working in the tunnel than an office job.

11. How do you spend your weekends?

I spend most of the time with my family. We go swimming, meeting up with family, etc. I play sport early in the mornings!

Ian’s family

12. What mindset do you think is required to be a successful entrepreneur or a company?

You need to have persistence. An entrepreneur gets a lot of knock backs which you need to able to handle. You also need an appetite for learning and be good at delegating.

13. If given a chance, what is that one thing you’d like to change in your life (personally or professionally)?

Most of my time goes towards building my business or with my family. I’d like to dedicate a lot more of my time to helping others.

14. Would you like to share anything other than what is asked here? About you or your company.

I’m a fun person to hang around with and recently I launched Youtube channel which shows my fun side –

Thumbnail for one of his videos

Please tell us a few things about you that not many people know:

  • Your phone brand – iPhone
  • Your computer brand – Apple
  • Your favorite app – Google Maps (I’ve no sense of direction)
  • Your preferred dress code at work – Very casual
  • Your waking time – 5:30am
  • Your bed time – 11:30pm
  • Your favorite pastime – Playing sport
  • Your favorite blog/newspaper/news channel –
  • Your inspiration – Bill Liao – A serial entrepreneur that gives back a lot!
  • Your health mantra – Fitness time is added to the diary and given the same priority as a high priority meeting. You can’t survive long term as an entrepreneur without fitness of mind and body.

So, these were a few interesting facts about the multifaceted Ian Cleary that we bet were fun to read!

A person so passionate about his craft is bound to be efficacious and bring success to all those he associates with.

We hope you enjoyed reading this titbit and will come back to Top Turks for more.