Five years ago I had a dream.. I was dreaming about one place where people could find each other to exchange guest blogging opportunities helping each other grow.

Four years ago my dream started coming together: My brother put a very simple forum together, we called it MyBlogGuest and announced as a guest blogging community.

My friends remained skeptical: “You need to build a really huge database to make this work. It’s not doable”

My first lesson was: If you really believe in the concept + if you are working like crazy, it’s doomed to work!

So it did and in a few months we had a very nice community and the users wanted more! We started investing more in launching new features, trying to keep up, building the team, etc (The full story of MyBlogGuest is here)…

Not All Dreams Come True

The concept was so simple and perfect: We made our rules clear from the very start: You cannot exchange guest posts here for any other reasons except for quality of the content. I had a dream that the community would be able to moderate itself.

Not all dreams come true… And while my first dream of building the community worked well, my other dream of the perfectly balanced place failed…

Here comes another lesson I had to learn: For every great plan that works, there will always be lots of people who will only seek their own benefit and ultimately abuse the system.

Suddenly there popped up hundreds of agencies providing guest blogging services. The concept of guest blogging exchange for the sake of building high-quality relationships was at a huge risk.

Now that guest blogging is a well-known (some would say notorious) tactic, there are people who may say this:

Guest blogging

[I know Gareth long enough to smile at this]

In all seriousness, I do feel my fault. When I started MyBlogGuest, the idea was so fresh (not new though) that almost felt like a discovery.

I promoted the concept so hard that I almost feel responsible for introducing the concept to the search marketing community 🙂

Whoever was reading my multiple articles on benefits of guest blogging and then jumped into doing it to build links, read wrong. I’ve been saying this for ages: guest blogging is useless for links; guest blogging spam is dangerous and guest blogging is only worth it if you target brand awareness and networking.

MyBlogGuest for Guest Blogging

At MyBlogGuest we’ve been saying the same things for ages, since day 1 of our existence. And they are all still true. The only thing that was slowly changing was our level of responsibility.

At some point we could no longer risk our brand (and my personal reputation) and had to start enforcing our own quality guidelines for all content that gets placed through our tools (we cannot still 100% control the forums though as most of the communication that happens there is private)

That’s how we started moving from a guest blogging placement to a guest blogging training.

MyBlogGuest is no longer your ultimate guest post placement tool. It’s now your ultimate content marketing training facility. It teaches you to write good content, approach bloggers, take your newly-built contacts further, etc.

The best thing is that you can both learn and implement everything right away. I am a huge believer in practice. I don’t believe in theory without putting words into actions.

So at MyBlogGuest you can do both: You have lots of learning materials to read at home and you have the whole platform to come and implement what you’ve found in practice.

Here are free resources to start with:

If previously we were saying: Come to us and start guest blogging; Now we are saying “Join MyBlogGuest, learn, THEN start guest blogging”

I do believe in the concept. I spent 4 years promoting it! And while not everyone understood what I was saying, I know multiple people who built their names thanks for guest blogging (many of them started at MyBlogGuest!). The key is in doing it right!

Let me close with another Twitter quote:

Good luck!

  • Ann Smarty is founder of MyBlogGuest, co-founder of and brand manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas. She started in the digital marketing 7 years ago. She is a bad marketer because she is a believer :)