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The COVID-19 pandemic around the globe has forced many offices to adopt “WFH” policies or remote work setups. Millions of people are doing their part to slow the spread of the virus by social distancing and adjusting their workflows to stay productive from their houses.

Here at E2M Solutions, all of our employees are working from home. Although we have faced challenges, everyone has found ways to stay positive and productive, regardless of where they’re working. In a sense, we have discovered ourselves and our true potential in this pandemic and lockdown period.

Has your team transitioned to a work-from-home environment? If so, we’ve got some hacks that can help pump up your team and keep work flowing.

Manish Dudharejia

Manish Dudhrejia

I feel more productive. At the end of the day, I am able to accomplish more as I save a lot of time that was spent commuting.

Also, when I am in the office, I spend more time in in-person meetings with my team members which went down significantly when working remotely. I still have to do meetings with my team over Zoom/Skype, but the time spent on these meetings is much less compared to the ones at the office.

I do not have to follow any specific schedule, which gives me the flexibility to start and end my day whenever I want.

With all 70 members of our company working remotely, there is no need for in-office operations, which saves a lot of time.

Perhaps the best thing that remote work has blessed me with is more family time. I get to play with my seven-year-old every hour or so, which is both refreshing and rejuvenating.

Dhruv Jadav

When working from home, keep swapping your place every 2-3 hours from desk to couch to bean bag to break the monotony or boredom. This is a tried-and-tested tip and has worked for me so far.

dhruv jadav

Aakanksha Shukla

Get a corner place away from your bed so that you can feel active while working. Do not indulge yourself in comfort seating that can make you feel drowsy. Your work area should have plenty of natural light throughout the day, and it should be a fixed arrangement.

Aakanksha Shukla

Mansi Thakker

Do not hesitate to seek help from your spouse for regular household chores; it works like magic when you work from home, and it keeps you fresh and stress-free. Schedule your work in regular office hours to be the most productive. Team collaboration works best in standard office hours as it helps avoid the communication gap.

Mansi Thakker

Shaili Vaswani

Dress up for WFH as you would dress when going to the office. It will remind everyone at home that you’re working, and they will automatically refrain from interrupting you. Don’t forget to get up and stretch your limbs every now and then. Stand and work every few minutes, if possible, to help your mind and body stay alert and active throughout the day.

Shaili Vaswani

Jeet Patel

I joined E2M a week before the government declared the national lockdown. So, fortunately, I got a chance to work the first week in the office to socialize with my team very well.

Luckily, in the initial days of WFH, my team leader and my associates were very supportive. All I had to do was to set up my workplace in my room and be adaptable. Finally, here I am, working from home with a perfectly fine workflow without a single problem whatsoever.

Apart from that, wearing cozy clothes, no office distractions, not commuting in peak times, and spending more time with my family has been working out very well for me. I feel lucky that I am in a profession that allows me to work remotely, no matter what.

jeet patel

Alay Naik

The surrounding environment makes an impact on your productivity. So, it is necessary to create an office-like atmosphere around you. Fortunately, my wife is also working from home, so we have created an office-like ambience at home, which boosts our performance.

alay naik

Angad Paithankar

I have been working remotely for more than three years now. It has been a blessing in disguise for me.

I like to divide each project into small tasks and take short breaks after finishing each one to keep up my focus. Taking a few minutes off the screen helps relax my mind and eyes as well. I usually do small chores like watering my plants or making coffee during these breaks and doing the dishes since the lockdown. 🙂

I also take lunch with my family, turning my laptop off. It’s like having your lunch or coffee in the break room. Our remote team has also set up a virtual chat room where we discuss anything but work. It’s like a virtual water cooler gossip, which helps us not miss the social aspect of working in an office.

Angad Paithankar

Hiren Modi

Maintain office timings with discipline as it will help you to balance your work and family life. Keep your desk clean so there isn’t anything that distracts you from your work. Choose a workplace with enough space and light to make the overall environment more productive. Take small breaks, stretch your body, or just stand up from your place and walk around the room every couple of hours. This will make you feel refreshed and boost your productivity.

Last but not least, effective communication is the key to productivity, especially when you are working from home.

hiren modi

Vishalsinh Mahida

Create a reward system – this is the easiest way to stay productive when working from home. If you reward yourself with a task done, you can get more work done. A reward system is a part of every organization, but when working from home, you can set different rewards.

For example, if you complete a task, you can use the phone for 10 mins, or spend time with your family for 5-10 mins. When we start giving ourselves rewards, we start working continuously, and that automatically translates into higher productivity.

Vishalsinh Mahida

Mitalee shah

One of the best things I do when working from home is creating a schedule. I have been following the same schedule, which I usually follow while working from the office. A 30-40 min exercise every morning energizes me for the rest of my day and helps me work efficiently.

I do all my household chores, including preparing lunch, in the morning to make sure I don’t have to spend extra time during the lunch break. I take a full one-hour lunch break, during which I also spend quality time with my son, something I have been meaning to do since I rejoined the office.

Thanks to this quality time with my son, I can work more efficiently in the second half of the day. I have set up my desk in a separate room to avoid distractions. I hydrate myself at regular intervals as I did in the office. I also keep all the necessary things handy while working from home. These tips have worked for me so far.

mitalee shah

Shweta Bagrecha

Honestly, it was difficult for me for a couple of days. I did all the wrong things like waking up late, changing the work schedule, working from my bed, and not fixing lunch and coffee breaks. As a result, I felt lethargic and unproductive.

Now, however, I do follow a set routine, which helps me stay productive.

  1. The first thing I do is wake up on time, which has helped a lot.
  2. I dress up as I did for office, which has worked wonders. I feel like I am working in the office.
  3. I stay in touch with everyone from the team constantly so I feel connected.
  4. At the end of the day, I ask myself if I did the tasks on time. If not, I promise to stretch myself a bit more next time.

I feel that those who can work from home should feel blessed as sitting idle 24/7 can be quite depressing and frustrating. Finally, I am enjoying the hot and fresh meals every day!

Shweta Bagrecha

Simoni Patel

You need to set boundaries between your home life and work. When you are in your home environment, you need a great deal of self-discipline.

Keep a strict work routine and stick to it. I always prefer to create a time-based task schedule. It helps me put my maximum effort into completing a task in the stipulated time. When you work remotely, you may not always get a quick response from your teammates. So, get in the habit of sending a prompt reply, even if it’s to say a simple “Got it.”

simoni patel

Rutvij Parikh

When it comes to working from home, not having a fixed work schedule works for me. I remain flexible and start working on a set of tasks whenever I feel my concentration and productivity are at their best. As a result, I can work late at night or early in the morning, whichever time suits me.

One more thing that helps me is to set daily targets. I don’t end my workday without achieving these set targets. It can be a little hectic occasionally, but it helps me stay on track and make sure I deliver on time.

Rutvij Parikh

Ishani Dave

As it happened, I joined E2M during the lockdown. So, I was apprehensive about how I finding a way to work with a new company and new team members without personal interaction. However, extensive support and excellent coordination from seniors and colleagues have helped me pick up the pace on the go.

I am from Kalol, which is around 30 km from the office. So, I spent around 3 to 3.50 hours traveling to the office by road. Since the lockdown, however, I can save travelling time, which allows me to spend more time with family.

My only tip to get more productive is to act like you are going to the office – dress accordingly, create a dedicated and clean desk space,  and commit yourself to a work schedule.

ishani dave

Taral Patel

When managing a team, quick communication is the key. I hardly rely on emails or Skype. So, I have asked my teammates to make a quick phone call to discuss even the smallest of work. It helps me ensure there is no delay owing to a communication gap.

Working from home in a lockdown can often be frustrating as you are inside the four walls of your house 24/7. In a situation like this, spending hours in front of your laptop can reduce your productivity substantially and burn you out quickly.

I usually take small breaks and do something that helps refresh my mind. It can be anything, like listening to music, reading a few pages of your favourite book, having a quick chat with your friends, or spending some time with your pet.

Finally, I like to rest my eyes. If not your PC, you might be browsing your mobile. Either way, you are putting more stress on your eyes. In the small breaks that I take, I stay away from the screen, whether that’s my laptop, cellphone, or TV.

Just go to your balcony or stand at the window and look outside. The exposure to natural light is quite soothing and will provide much-needed relaxation for your eyes.

taral patel

Vijay Suthar

Here are a few things I feel we all should keep in mind.

  1. Don’t work in the same room where you sleep.
  2. Keep your computer screen at eye level because your seating posture is critical to keeping you productive throughout the day.
  3. Make sure to tidy up your workspace at the end of the day.

vijay suthar

Siddharth Bhesaniya

The best thing that helps me be productive is maintaining flexible timing. I can work at my convenience, at any time of the day or night. This means I can make sure that work gets completed without having to worry about catching a bus and getting home early. No more specified time limit, therefore, enhanced productivity.

Siddharth Bhesaniya

Mayuri Soni

Find a buddy. You may find it difficult to work without the social buzz of the office. 🙁 So, you need to keep interacting with your coworkers online to alleviate the sense of isolation and loneliness. It is a crucial factor in our mental well-being and team bonding while working from home.

Self-care. Sometimes, while working remotely, we forget about small things that are necessary to keep ourselves going. Self-care is essential for staying productive. I strongly recommend others to use this chrome browser extension, it will remind you to drink water, stretch your body, and change your posture, among other things.

mayuri soni

Saurabh Nair

Some of us may find it a bit difficult to work from home, especially when we are not used to it. However, the one thing that always keeps me productive is stealing a short 20-30 minutes nap after working for 4 hours. YES, a quick NAP.

I also usually take a 5-min walk every 1.5 hours, even when in office, to avoid sitting in a chair for long hours. It takes away the stress from your spine and keeps you active.

Give COMPLETE REST to your mind while taking a break. The breaks we all usually take aren’t real breaks. Surfing the internet, checking emails, and browsing YouTube will not recharge your mind the way taking a walk, spending some time in your balcony, listening to music, or maybe doing nothing can.

Take short breaks whenever you feel inclined to do so and you’ll feel more energetic while working. Working for long hours doesn’t make anyone productive unless you give proper rest to your mind.

Saurabh Nair

Bhargav Sheladiya

For me, the most productive time of the day is usually early in the morning or at the end of the day. So, I try to plan my day accordingly. Also, I listen to music that pumps me up.

Another thing that helps me stay productive at home is an array of apps and tools that facilitate communication and personal interaction. For example, I use Slack to keep conversations going remotely, Asana to keep daily assignments organized, and Skype to make remote meetings more productive. Having the right stack of support tools to fit my work style makes a big difference.

Bhargav Sheladiya

Vishwa Nair

I’ve found my productivity by –

  1. Executing a flexible work routine and setting up a comfortable workspace.
  2. Moving around the house for about 20 minutes whenever I feel lethargic or exhausted. It also helps avoid back and neck pain.
  3. Sitting down for a hearty meal, which includes healthy and fresh food. The lockdown has blessed us with the time to focus on our health and hygiene.
  4. Using headphones to avoid talking to or overhearing my family, which is quite distracting.
  5. Staying hydrated.
  6. Keeping in touch with my colleagues.

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll ace your work-from-home success the same way you do at the office.

vishwa nair

Palak Rana

Mental discipline – I constantly remind myself that my work is solely my responsibility. So, I must complete the task on time and always be loyal to my work. This thinking lends excellent support to your Team Leads and boosts company growth.

For better productivity:

  • Keep your phone away from your working desk so that you can concentrate on your work.
  • Do work during office hours. If you are stuck, ask your team leader for assistance immediately so that your workflow will remain unaffected.
  • Use Skype or Slack to communicate with your team members for any help or even friendly banter. It will make you feel like you are working from the office.

palak rana

Rashmita Patel

Working from home was difficult for the first two to three days. However, my family members told me that if the office is taking responsibility for my safety by allowing me to work remotely, it is my responsibility to work sincerely and punctually.

After a few hiccups, I started working productively and tried to complete all the tasks on time or sooner. The following tips helped.

  • I have set a time table (raj yoga, exercise, and work during office hours) and try to stick with it.
  • I work in a room where nobody can disturb me.
  • From 7:00 to 7:30, I do prayer or raj yoga to soothe my mind.
  • I keep my mobile on silent mode.

rashmita patel

Pritesh Ratanpara

Create a to-do list for the tasks you need to accomplish each day. It’s easy to get off track while working from home, but having a checklist of the things you need to get done will help you visualize and track your progress. I’m not typically a to-do list person, but I have found this to be very helpful under the circumstances.

I have followed the same schedule as the office. I take a one-hour lunch break during which I also spend time with my family. I am lucky to be working from home during the lockdown. So, I must work sincerely and punctually. Also, keep your desk clean.

Pritesh Ratanpara

Arun Artani

Distraction is one of the big challenges you face when working from home, especially if you aren’t used to remote work. Right now, one of the biggest distractions is the news, and if you’re working remotely, checking for COVID-19 updates is going to be at the forefront of your mind.

It’s good to stay informed. However, it is also easy to feel depressed and anxious after watching unpleasant news.

I suggest setting timers for any breaks you take. You don’t want to get too distracted and forget about the work altogether. If you’re getting distracted every time you get a news alert, turn your notifications off during the workday.

Arun Artani

Foram Karia

I found the following points useful for boosting productivity while working remotely.

  1. Know that you can work before, during, or after working hours.
  2. There’s no need to commute – use that extra time!
  3. You can work late at night if you wish.
  4. You should have a comfortable seating arrangement – you have to spend a lot of time in it.
  5. Your workplace should be free from household distractions.
  6. Never work from the hall as it is full of distractions. The bedroom is probably the place where you are most likely to not be disturbed.
  7. Make sure to adjust the air conditioning to a comfortable level.
  8. Sit down for work in proper clothes, not in your pajamas.
  9. Listen to music if it helps you focus on work.
  10. Use this is a chance to work based on the tasks assigned instead of having a time-bound work schedule.

foram karia

Rahul Mehta

I keep in mind the following points while working from home.

  1. Start your day properly. Eat a hearty breakfast. Spend some time alone just sitting or do whatever relaxes you, such as praying.
  2. Keep a pint of water by your desk all the time. Try to drink a few pints of water a day, if you don’t already.
  3. Arrange your work table with all the necessary things like a pen, notepad, headphones, and your laptop or desktop.
  4. Promise yourself a reward at the end of the day if you complete your daily target.
  5. Wash your face to refresh yourself. It will help you get over the dread of sitting in the same place for hours.

rahul mehta

Gaurav Gajjar

While working remotely, it is necessary to maintain the same level of work quality as you would in the office. To keep up my productivity, I like to create time-bound tasks. I also listen to music, get refreshments, meditate early in the morning, and play games with friends after work hours.

gaurav gajjar

Daxraj Gondalia

When it comes to remote work, I considered the following things.

  1. Ensure my maximum productivity to improve work.
  2. Avoid all distractions like gadgets, friends, and family members.
  3. Choose your golden hours in a day to complete your tasks.
  4. Spend some of your time relaxing and exercising to stay healthy, which helps with your work.
  5. Dress up properly. Although it may not seem necessary to dress like a professional while working from home, it does help psychologically.

Daxraj Gondalia

Sagar Tilva

I am feeling happier while working from home because I can spend more time with my family.

Before I start my work in the morning, I create a list of the tasks I need to complete at the end of the day. It has helped me so far as most of my tasks are going on as planned.

And yes, I also step away from the workplace and take a small break every couple of hours. It helps me feel better and refreshes my mind.

sagar tilva

Hardik Manavadariya

I create a list of daily tasks I need to complete by the end of the day. I also keep a fixed routine to make it feel like I am going to work. Also, getting out during the day has a positive impact on your productivity.

Remote work is an excellent way to manage not just your time but also your energy – it eliminates traveling time. So, why not use these extra hours to your advantage?

It’s important to check in with your manager and co-workers several times a day. Keep the lines of communication open so that you can stay connected.

hardik manavadariya

Prapti Gajjar

Although WFH isn’t a new concept, it certainly is one of the most convenient work options for employers and employees during an emergency.

While remote work offers you the freedom to maintain your work schedule, you do need to do the following to stay productive.

  1. Excellent IT support and Connectivity: Depending on your work profile, you may need decent IT support for uninterrupted work.
  2. Tracking Time: Often, when working from home, we are working with flexible timing, forgetting to track our time. So, it’s necessary to record time and plan your tasks accordingly.
  3. Breaks: Make sure to schedule your breaks to avoid losing track of time.
  4. Communication: To avoid wasting time, stay in touch with a quick call using the Zoom, Skype, or Loom videos to ask your doubts and queries.
  5. Health Concerns: While most offices have ergonomic work setups, your home may not have one. Make sure to have a comfortable sitting arrangement that supports your posture.

prapti gajjar

Bhaumik Mistry

Create and Stick to a Schedule.

While working from home, you’ll face the double-edged sword of setting your schedule. You’ll have more freedom, but also more responsibility.

Set Priorities

When it comes to planning your work, there is no universal solution. So, you’ll need to find out what works best for you. I have found to-do lists very helpful. Whatever you decide, be sure to stay in touch with your teammates and plan your day based on your daily objectives.

Maintain Workplace Privacy

When you work remotely, make sure that your workspace is far from any distractions. You don’t want to spend time gossiping with family members or browsing on your phone.

Define Your Boundaries

It’s easy to get lost in your work when you telecommute, which puts you at risk of burning out. To avoid this, you need to establish a work-life balance.


Jahnavi Desai

During this coronavirus outbreak, almost everyone is working from home. Still, you need to plan the day to make the most of your time and ensure higher productivity.

Here are a few tips I follow while working from home:

  1. Follow the usual routine, as you did in the office.
  2. Use the commuting time you have saved for a quick workout session or some other task that has been on your to-do list for some time.
  3. Make a checklist of the tasks that you need to finish during the day. Try to keep the most important tasks at the beginning as we are most productive in the morning.
  4. Don’t work in front of the TV, or from your bed, as you will end up getting distracted or doze off.
  5. Take short breaks throughout the day. Stretch a little or listen to some music.
  6. Stay in touch with your team to ensure everyone is on the same page. This also helps you not to miss any workplace fun.

Let’s make the most of this time, give our best, stay at home, and pray that the pandemic ends soon.

Jahnavi Desai

Kevin Svec

I’ve had the privilege of working from home for nearly four years.

The three biggest things keeping me productive and healthy are my pre-work ritual, desk setup, and making sure to move around throughout the day.

My pre-work ritual is a checklist of to-do items to accomplish between waking up in the morning and sitting down to start work.

  1. Wash my face
  2. Make coffee
  3. Do thirty push-ups
  4. Eat breakfast
  5. Drink one quart of water
  6. Brush my teeth
  7. Walk my dog.

If I complete this checklist, I’ve already accomplished seven things before I start working. This sets the tone for a productive day.

Second, my chiropractor recommended a desk set up that reduces strain on my neck, back, and eyes. This involves keeping the keyboard and mouse at a comfortable height, reclining in my chair, and lining up the top of the computer screen at eye level.

Lastly, I’ve heard people say that “sitting is the new smoking” at work. Humans weren’t meant to sit in front of computers for 8 hours/day without stopping. To avoid this, I have reminders every two hours to get up and move around. Not only does this help to keep the blood moving, but it also helps me block off my time and organize my day.

kevin svec

Krupa Patel

I feel more productive as no commuting is involved when it comes to remote work. I don’t feel tired, and I can get up early in the morning with a fresh mind.

Because I save more time, I can spend 40 mins on daily exercise in the morning to charge my body. After that, I get ready and start my work with a cup of green tea to increase metabolism.

While working from home, my productivity has increased, and I can also spend more time with my family.

My Productivity Tips:

  • Exercise & stretch regularly
  • Eat healthy lunch & snacks
  • Invest in a comfortable workspace setup

WFH will likely be the new standard once this pandemic is over. The question is, are you prepared?

krupa patel

Yash Patel

Working from home has its benefits like avoiding your daily commute. However, you also need to motivate yourself to perform as best as you would in the office.

Here are a few of my tips for working remotely:

  • Create a schedule for everything
  • Don’t work in the same room where you sleep
  • Keep your computer screen at eye level
  • Don’t eat at your desk

yash patel

Pritesh Darji

There were a few difficulties initially, but now I enjoy working from home. I am following the office work schedule, wrapping up the day with a Daily Work Report every evening. Although it didn’t seem easy at first, a supportive and solution-oriented team has helped me sail through it successfully.

Pritesh Darji

Vatsal Kothari

I like the concept of WFH. It saves considerable commuting time and offers work flexibility. Because I have managed to create a dedicated workspace, no one can disturb me during office hours.

Here are a few more tips:

  • Set a target or create a to-do list in the morning to complete your daily tasks.
  • Keep in touch with teammates through Skype or Slack as it makes you feel connected.
  • I also love listening to music while working. It keeps my mind fresh.

Vatsal Kothari

Zanil Shah

Considering the coronavirus pandemic, work from home is a must. I intend to be a productive work-from-home employee. Here are a few tips that kept me productive.

  • I keep myself away from my family and other distractions during work hours to stay focussed.
  • Every day, I create a timeline to complete the work on time.
  • I closely coordinate with my team via Skype call to understand the scope of my work before starting and also to avoid communication gaps.

zanil shah

Parthiv Patel

I create a routine and try to stick with it. Take a short break from work and go out to get some sunlight and fresh air. I also listen to music at a modest volume to get the focus I need. Make a few rules and set boundaries with your family and friends while you work.

parthiv patel

Mehul Patel

I like to work from home. However, it is vital to stick to your work schedule.

  • Working from home means you will need to learn to rely on self-motivation, self-discipline, focus, and concentration. You are truly on your own.
  • You will need to improve your communication skills with prompt texting, Skype, and email.
  • WFH helped me save more than two hours commute, which I can now spare for my family.
  • I work during my most productive times, wearing comfortable clothing and creating a workflow that suits me.

mehul patel

Hardik Patel

When working from home, you can follow the same schedule as your office. Every day make a to-do list and stick to it. Find your high-productivity hours and create your work schedule accordingly. Keep your desk clean to avoid distractions. This should help keep you focused and productive.

hardik patel

Siddharth Shah

I love working from home. Here are some tips to stay productive:

  1. Check your task and estimated time to complete it, then prepare your work schedule accordingly.
  2. Take short breaks at regular intervals, say after every one and a half or two hours.
  3. Keep in touch with colleagues through chat or call so that everyone is on the same page.
  4. Be responsible and concentrate on work while you are at your desk.

siddharth shah

Ankur Santoki

A few things that I kept in mind while working from home are:

  • I create a schedule for work-related emails.
  • I discuss work priorities with my manager.
  • I set an alert every 45 minutes to remind me how much time I have spent on a task at hand.
  • I take lunch with my family, making the most of my 45-minute lunchtime every day.

ankur santoki

Bhavika Bhatia 

Honestly, the first couple of days of remote work were challenging. However, staying in touch with my team has helped me a lot. You need to open your mind to embrace the change. Here’s what I did.

  1. You need to find some time to focus on your health and hygiene as I did.
  2. I drink a glass of warm water twice a day.
  3. I got a corner workplace to avoid distractions.

bhavika bhatia

Jayesh Patoliya

While working from home, listening to music helps release dopamine in the brain, relieving stress and making you feel motivated. That, in turn, has helped maintain my work productivity.

jayesh patolia

Ajay Koshti

Wake up early, do yoga or exercise, create a regular routine, keep your desk clean, eliminate distractions (Mostly socials).

ajay koshthi

Vivek Patel 

Get up Early: I get up at 6 AM, which makes me feel fresh and productive. I get myself a glass of water, after which I find a place such as a corridor or a terrace to work out or walk. As there are no distractions, I can comfortably finish a session of Yoga or 30 Minutes workout. Before starting my day, I like to feed stray dogs as it makes me happy.

Healthy Breakfast: Before I start work, I eat a healthy breakfast to keep me going for a few hours. After taking a shower, I get dressed in comfortable clothes, usually shorts and a T-shirt.

WorkSpace: I have created a dedicated workspace that I keep clean and organized. I do keep a notepad and pencil nearby to take down notes. I have invested in a comfy chair.

Room Environment: As I live alone, I keep the room door open. You should keep it closed if you are living with a family to avoid distractions.

Take Breaks: I get up every hour or so, and walk around for two-three minutes to improve my productivity.

Schedule: I follow a consistent schedule and prioritize the tasks accordingly.

Meals: I take three small meals between 12 PM to 5 PM, which keeps me from procrastinating. Here are a few of my favorite foods that improve my mood.

Time: I set my target based on the amount of work. You don’t have to keep track of time if you are being accountable for your goals.

Don’t Let Work Consume Your Life: I like to spend some time on a call with family, friends, and colleagues, so as not to feel alone.

Appreciate Others: I always thank those who have helped me, be it personally or professionally.

Be Grateful: I like to count my blessings. I am fortunate enough to be working from home, which saves commute time. I always set one goal (not work-related) every day to challenge myself. I try to achieve it. If not, I at least have the satisfaction of trying my best. This gratitude motivates me to work harder next time.

vivek patel

Riley Swanson

Having worked from home off and on for years, this seems pretty normal to me – but it didn’t at first. The number one thing I’ve found that helps me stay productive is a positive attitude.

It’s easy to lament the things you’re missing while working from home – coworkers, an office space, a more regimented schedule. I try to focus on the things I’m gaining from my remote work opportunity. I get to spend more time with family, set my own schedule, and find the space that works best for me.

Because I have so much appreciation for the benefits of working from home, I take my job more seriously. It’s easy to feel productive when you’re grateful for a position and want to do your best in it!

riley swanson

Joanna Besley

I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to work from home far before the pandemic hit, so I have had several years to discover ways to help me maintain productivity.

I find that breaking up my day with bits of physical activity (even just going to get some coffee or a short walk around the block) helps me from getting burnt out. Your mind needs a bit of a break from time to time!

I am also much more productive when I am working from a space that is specified as a work zone. Whenever I try to sit down on the couch or on my bed, I get very distracted. Having a set space (which for me is my desk) helps me to get in the correct mindset.

Finally, I need a clean and organized environment in order to think straight. I make my bed every morning, clean the kitchen, and ensure that everything is in order before I begin. A cluttered room leads to a cluttered mind in my opinion, so take a few moments to clean up your space!

Joanna Besley

In Conclusion 

Hopefully, our team’s habits and tips have inspired your business to make the most of this work-from-home period. We expect to see some major transitions to more common remote work policies after this is all over – why not adapt now?

Let’s all try to stay positive and maximize our productivity during this trying time, and together, we can get through this pandemic.

  • Aakanksha is a brand strategist at E2M. She works on strategizing deliverables so as to bridge the gap between marketing and the potential customers. When she is not working, she is either dancing or reading scientific innovations and business magazines to understand the world and its dynamics. She can be reached on Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook.